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Ritt Barto Barfield Family
By Frances Fox
Taken from Ye Olde Ancestors, July 14, 1992
Written permission given by the New Boston Genealogy Society
to post this information to the Bowie County TXGenWeb site.

In 1860 there was a H Barfield, age 40, born in South Carolina with his wife Ellen, age 20, born in Mississippi and a one month old infant, and Jiles Barfield age 18, born in Georgia listed in Bowie County, Texas.  Since that family was not ever listed again, they may have moved to another place before 1870.

In 1870, besides the Ritt Barto Barfield family, there were three other possibly related families living in this county.  Mrs Apsey Barfield, age 66, born 1814 in North Carolina was living in Bowie County.  Frank Barfield, age 26, born about 1854 in Georgia, with his wife, Mollie age 26, and two children, Minnie and Zane F were living here.  William Barfield, age 38, born about 1842 in Georgia, and his wife Missouri, age 39, and their two children Charles N and Mary J born in Alabama where living here.

Ritt Barto Barfield married Mary "Moxie" A Compton in 1856 near Oglethorpe, in Macon Co., Georgia.  When Minnie Mae Smith was 12 years old, she wrote a school paper about her grandmother, Moxie Barfield: "She was borned in Georgia 9 October 1839.  There she spent the most of her girlhood.  Her father died when she was 11 years old.  She had 4 sisters and one brother, she was the oldest.  She had to help her mother plow and hoe to make a living.  She did not go to school as we do today because there were no schools except Sunday Schools every Sunday morning they were up bright and early and soon ready to go to Sunday School and Church.  She wore a pair of brogan shoes and a cotton or wool dress which her mother had spun.  She married Rit Barfield in 1856 at the age of 17.  They started to Texas when they had 4 little boys they came in a wagon.  When they stopped to cook the wolves would come close to them and howl.  When they got to Texas they did not have money to buy bed stids the cut holes in the floor and stick the rails up and nail slats around them on each side and lay slabs across the bed for slats.  When her husband went to the Civil War she had to spin and weave their clothes.  When she would go to cook she would time the baby to the bedpost for fear he would crawl in the fire.  She had a Negro boy named Henry living with her to look after the place."

Ritt Barto Barfield, 1838-1885, and Moxie Compton had eleven children:
1. Willie Elyhu "Doddy", 1857-1890, born near Americus, Georgia and married Lizzie Tidwell
2. Wade Hampton "A B", 1859-1949, born at Jamaca, Georgia.  He married Josephine "Josie" McDonald first and Mrs Elizabeth Emma Ludwig second
3. Doctor Arnold "Little Doc", 1860-1885, born near Americus, Sumter County, Georgia.  He married Marthio V ___
4. James Liphus "Chint", 1862-1951, married three times.  He was born near Americus, Georgia.  He married first Mattie Waldrop, second was his brother's
    widow, Marthio Barfield, and third was to Mrs Lizzie Welch Morris
5. George Washington, 1864-1880.  He was born in Georgia and died "from eating green apples"
6. Mary Lena, 1866-1927, born near Americus, Georgia and died in Texarkana from Pneumonia.  She married first Charley Collom and second Guy Dabney
     Allen Shaw
7. Ritt Barto, 1868-1876, born near Americus, Georgia and died at Moss Springs
8. Wesley Compton "Base", 1870-1906, married Mrs Dora Barfield Lee from Rains County, Texas.  Base was tried, convicted and sent to the pen for killing
    Bob Lee.  When he was released, he was killed by a Mr Odom, who was tried and acquitted.
9. DeZany Arbuckle "Major", 1871-?, married first Eliza Berry, second Miss M E Pitts, and third Ida Estes
10. Homer Dillard, 1873-1956, married first D E Cunningham, second Pearl Tidwell, third Nonnie List, and fourth Notie Berte Chesser
11. Lucenda Jane, born and died in 1877.
All are buried in the Barfield or Peters Cemetery just west of Old Boston, Texas

The father Ritt Barto Barfield and the third son, "Little Doc" were shot and killed 20 November 1885 as they traveled by wagon from New Boston to their home at Moss Springs.  The person who shot them was never identified.

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