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Michael Patrick Blocker Family
By Frances Fox
Taken from Ye Olde Ancestors, June 19, 1992
Written permission given by the New Boston Genealogy Society
to post this information to the Bowie County TXGenWeb site.

In the last days of the Civil War, three of Michael B Blocker V and Polly Graham's sons, William, John and Michael Patrick and all their families, came by covered wagon from Alabama to Texas.  "Buck" Blocker, grandson of Michael B Blocker V was seven years old at the time and remembered the journey very well.  There were several wagons in the train, eighteen wagons in all.  The wagons were pulled by oxen and there were several young men along.  Ben Blocker was only fourteen at the time, but responsible and very daring, and was an outrider or scout for the group.  There may have been other scouts also.  A few of the men were still in the Army.  Some of the people were in-laws.  The Dockery's were in the wagon train.  Some hard and trying experiences came their way which made the journey rough and long.  Once they were attacked by road bandits.  Another time they were caught in a flash flood and their wagon beds almost floated away.  Another time, they found themselves in the middle of a bloody riot between newly freed slaves and land owners, and so on.

When they reached Texas they camped in several different places looking for good land and good water and a desirable place to make their homes.  One brother, John, went on to southwest Texas and went into the cattle business.  He later moved back near the old home place near Hull, Alabama, Tuscaloosa County.  William Blocker took his family and first settled in Wood County, Texas but later moved to Nash in Bowie County, Texas.  He was killed there in a tornado which passed through in 1893 and is buried in the old Handley Cemetery at Nash, along with other members of the family.  His son David Blocker and his wife Bell R Jones Blocker reared a big family of good solid citizens.  Michael Patrick Blocker settled on the Red River north of DeKalb.  Soon he lost his wife, Mary Ann Dockery, and two daughters, Sarah and Lecretia "Crecy".  They are buried in the old cemetery at Spring Hill, northwest of DeKalb, Texas.  Michael P Blocker married second Mollie Lockhart; he moved his family north of Oak Grove and established a home in the little community of Gravel Hill.  He had several children by his second wife.

George Washington Beauregard "Buck" Blocker, 1859-1937, married Lida Phillips.  They also settled near Michael Blocker and his brother Ben, 1852-1909, who married Emmaline Butts.

Eliza Rachel Rosser (Roschel) Johnston Blocker Mozingo moved to Bowie County in 1880 and settled near Red Water.  The Blockers can be taken back to the immigrant, Michael Blocker I, who came from Prussia to America about 1715 and died in 1753 in Bladen County (Cumberland County), North Carolina.  The name was originally "Blucher" and Michael Blocker was the nephew of General Von Blucher who opposed Napoleon at Waterloo.

The children of Michael Patrick Blocker, born 1829 in Alabama, and his first wife, Mary Ann Dockery, were:
1. Benjamin F "Ben" born 1852, married Emmaline Butts
2. Lucretia V, born 1856
3. Michael B "Ben", born 1858
4. Sarah Virginia
5. Mary Annie, born 1862, married George Hamblin
6. George Washington Beauregard "Buck", 1859-1937, married Eliza Jane "Lida" Phillips

The children of Buck and Lida Blocker were:
1. Eva, 1887-1976, married Charlie Durham, buried at Gravel Hill
2. Effie Blocker, 1890-1896
3. Oak Cliff, 1891-1895
4. Ott William, 1893-1934, married Emma Lou Duke, buried at Woodman Cemetery
5. Ora "Shack", 1895-1960, married Mary A Davis.  Their son was Dan Blocker who played the part of Hoss in Bonanza, the TV series.  They are buried at
     Woodman Cemetery
6. Daisy, 1897-1970, married W O Buttram, buried at Gravel Hill
7. Bonnie, born 1902, married Louis Stout
8 . Gladys Marie, born 1904, married Dick Lumpkin
9 . Willie Bernice "Bobbie", 1906-1960, married Albert Chilcote, died at Amarillo, Texas
10 . Mary Avis, 1909-1985, married Storey Williams, no children
11. Richard Ben, 1912-1934
12 . Jake, 1914-1983, married Evalyn Crane, lived at Paris, Texas
13.  Doda, died 1979, married Simeon Hayes

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