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Joseph Warren Braley Family
By Frances Fox
Taken from Ye Olde Ancestors, April 30, 1991
Written permission given by the New Boston Genealogy Society
to post this information to the Bowie County TXGenWeb site.

Nearly all of the Braley family is buried in the Old Union Cemetery.  The Braleys came here from Double Churches in Muscogee County, Georgia.  There were two identical Primitive Baptist Churches there because one faction of a disagreement had separated from the original church and built another one just like it for themselves.

Joseph Warren Braley, 1835-1894 married Virginia Antoinette Lokey, 1849-1922, in Muscogee County, Georgia in 1866 after serving in the Civil War under General Stonewall Jackson.  They moved to Crenshaw County, Alabama and then to Cass County, Texas before ending up in Bowie County.  Joseph Warren Braley was a man of many talents.  He taught school, farmed, and preached the gospel.  He was ordained a minister in the Primitive Baptist Church in 1878.  Joseph's brother, Rass Braley, also came to Texas and settled in Gonzales.  They were the sons of an Irish immigrant, Eramus Braley.

Virginia A Lokey was one of fifteen children born to John Taylor Lokey and Nancy Ann Tate Anthony.  Her family had moved to Georgia from Maryland in 1807.  She was only seventeen when she married Joseph and they had ten children:
 1. Thomas Miller "Pat", 1868-1936, married Augusta Georgia Poer.  He was born in Crenshaw County, Alabama
 2. Fannie Laella, 1870-1944, married David Elbert Morgan
 3. Cerulean Kalona "Sweety", 1873-1938, married Will Lee Jennings
 4. John B Gordon, 1875-1918, married Nell Shaw
 5. Missouri Webb, 1878-1951, married George C Coleman, born Cass County, Texas
 6. Joe W, 1880-1900, born Cass County, Texas
 7. Matthew Lokey, 1882-1906, married Stella Ogle, born Cass County, Texas
 8. Martin H, 1884-1885, born Cass County, Texas, died Bowie County, Texas
 9. Rosa Annette, 1887-1945, born Cass County Texas, married Andrew B Bowden
10. Willis Dewitt, born and died in November, 1888, born Cass County, Texas

From these 10 children came 52 grandchildren. 

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