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Major Emmet Brown Family
By Frances Fox
Taken from Ye Olde Ancestors, October 24, 1991
Written permission given by the New Boston Genealogy Society
to post this information to the Bowie County TXGenWeb site.

Major Emmet Brown, 1860-1945, was the son of Charles Pofus Brown and Sarah Amanda Roberts.  Major Emmet Brown was born in Red River County, Texas and died at Elk City in Beckham County, Oklahoma.  He married Sarah Emmaline Akin, 1864-1938, the daughter of Collin McKinney Akin and Lucinda Pinkerton.  Sarah was born at Redwater in Bowie County and died in Cantor in Beckham County, Okalhoma.  They had eleven children:
 1. Sarah Gertrude, born 1884 in Bowie County, Texas, married Dr Henry Bradbrook, died in 1978
 2. Pleasant Emmet, born 1886 in Bowie County, Texas, married Daisy A Drummond, died 1925 at Plainview, Texas
 3. Charles McKinney, born 1889 in Bowie County, Texas, married Gladys Charmichael, died 1968 in Oregon City, Oregon
 4. Winnie Virginia, born 1891 in Kanawah, Red River County, Texas, did not live to marry, one of twins
 5. Mildred Dimmie, born 1891, married Clarence Miller, died 1973 in Monzanola, Colorado, one of twins
 6. Lucinda Allie, born 1894 in Red River County, Texas, married Wesley Yeakley Smith, died 1983 in Roger Mills County, Oklahoma
 7. Vivian E, born 1896 in Allen, Collin County, Texas, married Lid Hamm, died in Anacortis, Washington
 8. Carrie Idella, born 1901 in Jackson County, Oklahoma, married Dee Hyder, died in Tulare County, California
 9. Collin Edwin, born 1904 in Greer County, Oklahoma, married Caudie Ola Robinson
10. Ernest, born 1906 in Delhi, Greer County, Oklahoma, married Corrine Kirchman
11. Robert Jackson, born 1908 in Carter, Beckham County, Oklahoma

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