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Warren Knight Dalby Family
By Frances Fox
Taken from Ye Olde Ancestors, July 22, 1991
Written permission given by the New Boston Genealogy Society
to post this information to the Bowie County TXGenWeb site.

"The Dalby Family History" was written by Judge N L Dalby.  The most unusual thing about the book is that he wrote it at the age of 93.  Judge Dalby served as District Judge of the 102nd Judicial District, composed of Bowie and Red River Counties, from 1935-1954.  In 1967 he started gathering information for the book which he wrote in 1969.  His handwriting had become so shaky that he typed all his work using the hunt and peck method.

This book is the most carefully proven book that I have ever seen.  His references take four and one-half pages to list.  He used court records, deeds, wills, several books, marriage bonds, and census records.  He even found the indenture record for the immigrant, Knightingale Dalby, dated August 30, 1721, Parish of Ramsey, County of Huntington Court, England.

Warren Knight Dalby, who came here with his mother, Ann Bullock Dalby, and some of his brothers, Thomas Dalby, Phillip A Dalby, Jack Cooper Dalby, and his sisters, Agnes B and Martha Christian Dalby in 1839.  They came from Bedford County, Tennessee, where the father of Warren Knight Dalby and two of his sisters died in 1827.  They had lived in Bedford County, Tennessee from 1818 to 1834.  Warren Knight Dalby was born in Granville County, North Carolina.  So the family had gradually moved westward and when the Republic of Texas offered free land to those who would come and remain for three years, they were ready.  The family of Benjamin Boothe came to Texas first and I believe that he and Warren Knight Dalby were married to sisters.

Warren Knight Dalby, 1806-1889, married Lucinda Davis, 1813-1846.  They were married in 1830 in Bedford County, Tennessee.  Lucinda Davis was the daughter of Jesse and Mary Davis.  Their children were:
 1. Joseph Gordentia Dalby, 1831-1864, born in Bedford County, Tennessee and died in Griswoldville, Georgia in the Civil War
 2. Green Davis Dalby, 1832-1884, born in Bedford County, Tennessee, married Tirza Q Lumpkin, died in Bowie County in 1860.  Their daughter Miss
     Mona Dalby taught first grade in New Boston for many years.
 3. Fountain Moffitt Dalby, 1834-1879, born in Shelby County, Tennessee, married Mollie A Lumpkin, died in Bowie County.  They had four children
 4. Benjamin Bullock Dalby, 1836-1898, born in Shelby County, Tennessee, married Bettie Scoggins, died in Woodland in Red River County, Texas and is
     buried there.  The three older brothers were buried in the Dalby Springs Cemetery.  Benjamin Bullock Dalby and Bettie had three children
 5. Jesse Knight Dalby, 1839-1862, born in Shelby County, Tennessee, died of pneumonia in Columbus, Mississippi while serving in the Confederate Army.
     He did not marry.
 6. Thomas Warren Dalby, 1841-1853, born and died in Bowie County
 7. Mary Ann Dalby, 1844-45, born and died in Bowie County

The oldest five sons went to McKensey College at Clarksville, Texas.

Lucinda Davis Dalby, the first wife of Warren Knight Dalby, died in 1846.  In 1857 he married Amanda Mitchell in Titus County, Texas.  She was born in Mississippi in 1840, the daughter of Mark Mitchell.  There were eight children in this second family:
 1. Lucy Mitchell Dalby, 1858-1905, married Robert M Hardman, was buried in the Shawnee Chappel Cemetery in Red River County, Texas.  Their daughter
    and her husband taught school in New Boston, Lyle and J C Mason
 2. Sally Holmes Dalby, 1861-1886, married Dick B Pirkey.  They had five children
 3. Frank Jackson Dalby, 1863-1950, married Sallie Whitecotton, died in Stonewall County, Texas.  They had seven children
 4. Robert Lee Dalby, 1866-1926, married Lucy Apperson, died in Lakeland, Florida.  They had no children
 5. Nora Agnes Dalby, 1870-1952, married Richard Julian Smith, a Methodist minister.  They died and are buried in Dallas, Texas
 6. Lola Lisle Dalby, 1872-1893, married Dr William E Hardman, died about two months after her marriage
 7. Norman Leonard Dalby, 1876-1970, married Ethel Gaston Fulbright, died and buried at Texarkana.  They had three children
 8. Roy Fulgham Dalby, 1881-1964, married Norma Frances McCright.  They had four children.  They are buried in the Shipp Cemetery near New Boston.
    Warren Knight Dalby was 72 when this son was born.

Amanda Mitchell Dalby died in Stonewall County, Texas in 1925 and is buried at Dalby Springs.  Warren Knight Dalby died in 1889 on the same property where he originally built a double log cabin of hand-hewn oak logs.  It was on this land that he discovered a spring of red mineral water about the color of tea and fixed a curb around it made from the hollowed out section of a sweet gum tree.  This resulted in the naming of the community "Dalby Springs".

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