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Zedock Hairson Daniel Family
By Frances Fox
Taken from Ye Olde Ancestors, January 16, 1992
Written permission given by the New Boston Genealogy Society
to post this information to the Bowie County TXGenWeb site.

Zedock Hairson Daniel was 17 years old when the family moved from Arkansas to Bowie County, Texas.  His father had died when he was about two years old.  Zedock was born in 1864 and so you would wonder if his father might have died because of the Civil War.  Zedock's mother remarried a Mr Hall in Arkansas.  eadock's sister was Florence Daniel Howell, the grandmother of Lenoy and L A Parker.  Marion and Oscar Hall were half-brothers and Mattie Hall Thompson, wife of Rube Thompson was Zedock's half-sister.  This family moved to texas from Arkansas by ox-wagon with Zedock and his step-father walking out in front of the wagon.  No one where anywhere alone and so I wonder what other families moved here with them in 1881?

Zedock Hairson Daniel married Mary Elizabeth Sweet (pronounced "sweat") in 1886.  Her father was James E Sweet and her mother was Rachel Ann Tidwell.  Rachel Ann Tidwell was the daughter of William Tidwell born 1808 who married Sarah D ___.  I thought this William Tidwell was a son of Levi Tidwell and wrote that in my article about the Tidwell family.  I have since been convinced that he was not the natural son of Levi.  He was with that family in Mississippi and so he may be a nephew.  Levi Tidwell had 13 brothers and sisters.

When James E Sweet was a young man in Bowie County there were hugh trees with no underbrush and tall grass.  There were wild turkeys, herds of wild deer, bears, and lions or you might call them panthers.  One day as he was walking through the woods he met a lion.  It nearly frightened him to death and he did not have a gun.  The only weapon he had was his pocket knife.  He didn't date turn his back and run because there was no place for him to go and the lion would have caught him in a second.  He stared right into the eyes of that lion and pulled out his pocket knife and started moving toward the lion.  He didn't walk; he just kind of slid his feet and kept staring straight into the eyes of the lion.  The lion just stood there waving his tail back and forth like a cat watching a mouse.  Suddenly the lion walked around him and went on down the trail. 

Zedock and Mary had 14 children.  Two of the children married into the same Johnson family and two of them married into the same Howell family. 
 1. Mary Ann, 1887-1946, married Joseph Alexander Abel, buried at Sand Hill Cemetery
 2. James William, 1889-1973, married Eula Josephine Tidwell in 1908, buried at Sand Hill Cemetery
 3. Robert F, 1890-1987, married Pearlie Smith.  He is buried in Chapel Wood Cemetery in Texarkana
 4. Jesse H, 1892-1973, married Ruth Johnson in 1910, buried at Sand Hill Cemetery
 5. Everett Daniel, 1893-1989, married Mattie Johnson in 1910 and second Ima Moore Parton in 1936. He is buried at Sand Hill Cemetery
 6. Florence Adelia, 1895-1991, married Lewis Howell, buried at Sand Hill Cemetery
 7. George E, 1897-1974, married Allie Virginia Howell in 1920 and second Letha Gauntt.  He is buried at Sand Hill Cemetery
 8. Nettie, 1899-1955, married Ivy Pickering.  She is buried in Texarkana
 9. Howard, 1900-1963, married Iva Wood, buried at Sand Hill Cemetery
10. Daniel Monrow, 1902-1976, married Ethel Elkins, buried at Sand Hill Cemetery
11. Birdie Lee, 1904-1978, married James Luke Lindsey, buried at Sand Hill Cemetery
12. Lillie Estel, born 1906, married Robert Norman "Chub" Garrett, buried at Sand Hill Cemetery
13. Lula Mae, 1908-1991, married Perry Webber Duren, buried at Sand Hill Cemetery
14. Jeff Harrison, born 1910, married Ruby Lee Jones, second Mildred Terrel McMillan, third Margaret Dean Daniel.  He is buried at Sand Hill Cemetery

Sometime after Mary Elizabeth Sweet Daniel died in 1927, Zedock H married Maggie Parker who had a son, Roland Parker.  This Daniel family lived and worked a 150 acre farm near Sand Hill.  Their first car was a Model T Ford that was bought new and their second was a 1927 model which was closed in and a great improvement.  Zedock H Daniel died December 31, 1940.

Update from Ye Olde Ancestors, Jan 30, 1992:

Zadock Daniel family came from Drew County, Arkansas and that the name of his father is on a monument to Soldiers of the Civil War that stands by the Court House there.  It is believed that he went off to war and did not return.  The court house has burned and records of this family are destroyed.  There is also a question about the spelling of Zadock or Zedock Daniel's name. 

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