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Harmon Kinsley Elkins Family
By Frances Fox
Taken from Ye Olde Ancestors, May 22, 1991
Written permission given by the New Boston Genealogy Society
to post this information to the Bowie County TXGenWeb site.

Harmon Kinsley Elkins, 1821-1886, was born in Orangeburg District, South Carolina and died in Bowie County, Texas.  First he married Nancy Caroline Campbell, 1827-18679.  She was born in Alabama and died in Union Parish, Louisiana.  He was a farmer and bought some land each time he moved.  He made several moves before he ended up in this county: to Alabama, to Arkansas, to Louisiana, and then to Texas.  His descendents found records of his name on new church charters, so they know that he wanted a church in his community.

Harmon Kinsley Elkins enlisted in the Confederate Army in 1862 at Monroe, Louisiana and was captured at Vicksburg, Mississippi on July 4, 1863.  He was paroled at Monroe, Louisiana on June 14, 1865, three years and three months after enlisting.

When Nancy Campbell Elkins died in Union Parish, she left six out of their nine children living and Harmon Kinsley Elkins married a widow, Mrs Martha F Garner Deshazo.  They had six more children.  If anyone I know today had to support fifteen children, they would faint.  Notice that the women are not out living the men here.  The fifteen children were:
 1. David Alonzo, 1847-1888, born in Union County, Arkansas and died in Memphis, Tennessee while attending classes in medicine.  He married Rebecca
     Emmaline Post who was a nurse.  He practiced medicine from 1881 to 1888 and was very good at curing Pneumonia with mustard plasters
 2. Hezekiah Bussy, 1849-1912 and was born in Union County, Arkansas.  He married Paulina Faulkner and they had six children.  He died of Tuberculosis
     in Union Parish, Louisiana
 3. James Washington, 1851-1889, was born in Union Parish, Louisiana and died in Trinity County, Texas.  They had twelve children
 4. Jasper Newton, 1854-1823, born and died in Union Parish, Louisiana.  He married Rachel Margaret Pickens and they had nine children
 5. Charles Londulius, 1856-1942, he married Eliza Catherine Murray.  They came to Texas in a covered wagon in 1881 and moved back to Union Parish,
     Louisiana in 1891.  There were eight children.
 6. William F, born and died in 1858 near Spearsville, Louisiana
 7. Martha E, 1860-61
 8. Sarah Elizabeth, 1862-1943, married Madison Wesley Holley and they lived in Union Parish, Louisiana.  There were seven children
 9. Evie Cora, 1866-1939.  She came to Bowie County with her parents and married James Presley Miller at DeKalb in 1887.  In 1903 they moved to
     Union Parish, Louisiana and remained there.  There were ten children
10. Harmon Kinsley Jr, 1870-73.  This is the first child of Martha; born and died near Spearsville, Louisiana
11. Jeremiah, 1872-sometime during childhood
12. Anna, 1873-1948.  She moved to Texas with her family at the age of eight.  She married Samuel David Crumpton who was also born in Union Parish,
     Louisiana.  They had four children and lived near Nash.  They are both buried at Red Lick Cemetery
13. Daniel Stines, 1875-1949.  He was born in Union Parish, Louisiana and died in Bowie County, Texas.  He married Celia Ann Love and lived near Wards
     Creek where he farmed.  Celia Ann "Betty" was raised by her uncle and aunt, Mr & Mrs J E Ellis.  There were ten children.  They are both buried at College
     Hill Cemetery
14. Frank, 1876-___, moved to Texas when he was five.  He married Annie Bell Cooper at DeKalb.  They had two daughters.  Frank married a second time
15. Hartwell Chame, 1881-1932, was born at College Hill, Bowie County, Texas and is buried at College Hill Cemetery.  He married Marion Lee Landers
     and they lived at Nash, Texas where he farmed.  He served in WWI from 1919-1922.  He gave his height as five feet four and one-half inches tall.  There
     were three children in their family.

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