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James T Fox Family
By Frances Fox
Taken from Ye Olde Ancestors, July 1, 1991
Written permission given by the New Boston Genealogy Society
to post this information to the Bowie County TXGenWeb site.

James T Fox and his wife Mary Jane Samples came to Red River County, Texas in 1857 with nine children.  It was too late to get a land grant so they had to buy their land.  At some point they moved over the county line into Bowie County.  The last three children were born in Texas.  Those must have been hard years, farming and raising twelve children with none of the conveniences that we enjoy now.

James T Fox, 1816-1879, married Mary Jane Samples, 1820-1862, in 1841 and had these twelve children:
 1. Fielding, born about 1842, married Elizabeth Mabray
 2. Martha, born about 1844, married H P Gill
 3. James Alexander "Alex", born 1845, married Nannie Slone
 4. Nancy J, born about 1847, married Francis McCrary
 5. William, born about 1848
 6. Matilda, born about 1849
 7. Aurilius, born about 1853
 8. Ave E, born about 1854
 9. Tillman, born about 1856
10. Wiley J, born in 1857 in Red River County, Texas.  This was the first child that was born in Texas and had to be the year they moved from Tennessee.  He
     married Sara Jane "Sallie" Mozingo
11. Reed, born about 1858
12. John Wesley, born 1859, married Nancy A Baldwin

After the death of his first wife, Mary Jane Samples, James T Fox married the widow of Garrison Laney, killed in the Civil War.  Mary McCrary Laney was also the sister of Francis McCrary who married the daughter of James T Fox which means they were all neighbors, doesn't it.  Now Mary McCrary Laney Fox had three daughters:
 1. Malinda Jane, born 1857, married William Worth Pope
 2. Rebecca Emalina, born 1859, married William Henry Norris
 3. Mary D, born about 1864

James T Fox and Mary McCrary Laney had two daughters:
 1. Laura, born about 1874, married Wade Knight, then Ebb Bearden
 2. Leah, born about 1873 and must have died young

You can see there are several children we have no information about at all. 

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