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Warren Hooks Family
By Frances Fox
Taken from Ye Olde Ancestors, January 24, 1992
Written permission given by the New Boston Genealogy Society
to post this information to the Bowie County TXGenWeb site.

Warren Hooks was born about 1802 in North Carolina and died before 1880 in Bowie County, Texas.  His wife, Elizabeth Roberts was born about 1807 in North Carolina and died after 1880.  She was living in the household of her youngest daughter, Josephine "Josie" McCutcheon in 1880.  Warren Hooks had 13,500 acres in 1850.  He came to Texas after 1845 because his youngest child was born in Alabama in 1845 and he came before 1850 because he was listed in the Bowie County 1850 census.

Warren Hooks and Josephine "Josie" McCutcheon's children were all born in Franklin County, Alabama from 1823 to 1845.  Only eight children are listed but for the time span it would seem likely that they must have lost several children in between these eight.  Most of the boys were in the Civil War but none of them were killed which is very unusual.  One son, Robert Warren Hooks was a Lt Col in the 11th Texas Cavalry and is listed as a former student at McKenzie College in Clarksville, Texas.  Other sons may have gone there too.  The town "Tuscumbia" in Alabama is mentioned often.  It is now the county seat of Colbert County, Alabama which adjoins the present Franklin County, Alabama.  It may have been in Franklin County at that time.

The children of Warren Hooks and his wife, Elizabeth Roberts, were:
1. William Henry, 1823-1907.  He married Elizabeth scott the daughter of Robert H Scott and Sarah Nicholson of Virginia.  They had four children and
     are buried in Old Richmond, Arkansas Cemetery.
2. Jane Nancy, 1825-1906, married James Franklin Smith Sr in 1843 in Franklin County, Alabama.  They did not come to Bowie County, Texas with the rest
     of the family.  They came here sometime after 1850 and are buried in the McCutcheon Cemetery.
3. Dr John Frank, MD, 1832-1895, married Mary Elizabeth Harrison Moores.  They had no children of their own.  They raised Dr James Moore Hooks, his
      nephew, and Dasye Moore, her niece.  They are buried in the Evergreen Cemetery in Paris, Texas
4. James Blake, 1834-1891, married Mary Ann Roseborough in 1861 in Marion County, Texas.  They had five children.  He was a stock and cattle dealer in
     Texarkana.  They were buried in Rose Hill Cemetery.
5. Robert Warren, 1836-1869, died after serving as a Lt Col in the 11th Texas Cavalry in an accident.  The book says he died in an explosion of a sawmill boiler
     in Tuscumbia, Alabama.  If that is true, there must have been family back there in 1869 that did not come to Texas.
6. Charles Augustus, 1841-1904, married Frances Harrison Moores in 1867.  They had six children.  He served in Company K in the Texas Volunteers.  They
     are buried in Rose Hill Cemetery.
7. Minerva B, 1843-1873, married Josiah Joplin from Bedford County, Virginia in 1867.  He served as a Captain in Company K of the Third Missouri Cavalry
      in the Civil War and came to Detroit, Texas as a station master for the railroad.  Later he was postmaster at Detroit.  They are buried in the McCutcheon
8. Josephine "Josie", 1845-1912, married Jethro Orren McCutheon in 1870 in Bowie County.  Jethro had served in the 11th Texas Cavalry also.  They are
     buried in the McCutcheon Cemetery.  The oldest son was 22 when Josephine was born.

In 1850 there were other people living in Bowie County, Texas by the name of Hooks that may have been closely related to Warren Hooks because they were also born in North Carolina and had children born in Alabama.  There was a Cullen Hooks, a planter age 55, Marshel Hooks, a planter aged 20, and William Hooks, also a planter aged 21.  A "planter" is a farmer with more than 1000 acres.

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