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William M Mahone Family
By Frances Fox
Taken from Ye Olde Ancestors, January 9, 1992
Written permission given by the New Boston Genealogy Society
to post this information to the Bowie County TXGenWeb site.

William M Mahone, born in 1803 in Virginia, came to Texas and was in Cass County in 1846 where he had a headright.  He married Carolina Collom, born 1822 in Louisiana, the daughter of Jonathan Collom and Rachel Brooks.  You remember that they were members of Wavell's Colony.  They were married in about 1842 and lived in Bowie County, Texas in 1850.  They lived seven miles east of Old Boston on Caney Lake and that property is now part of the Red River Arsenal.

William M Mahone and Carolina Collom had nine children.  They were all born in Texas.  They were:
1. Martha W born 1842
2. JoAnnah born 1843
3. Jonathan born 1844
4. Matilda born 1845
5. George Milam born 1848
6. William F born 1850
7. Richard R born 1855
8. Robert born 1857
9. John Henry Edward born 1859, married Emily Ellen Till, daughter of John Till and Mary Elizabeth Reed
Many descendants of this family still live in Bowie County.  William M Mahone was killed in the Civil War and his burial site is not known.

George Milam Mahone, 1848-1916, married Emily Ellen Till, 1856-1943.  She was the daughter of John Till and Mary Elizabeth Reed.  They had six children who lived to be grown and married.  The first child, Elizabeth must not have lived to be an adult.
1. Elizabeth, probably died young
2. John Milam, 1879-1962, married Fannie Bell St John
3. George William married Lottie ___
4. Robert Henry, born about 1897, married Florrie Frances Allen
5. Allen Preston, born about 1890, married Flossie Hoffman
6. Minnie married Cecil H Copeland
7. Carrie married Jesse Copeland

George Milam Mahone's younger brother, John Henry Mahone, married Emily Ellen Till's younger sister, Martha Elizabeth Till in 1880.  They were married by County Judge James Hubbard.  They had nine children. 
1. Abe M , 1881-1964, married Alma Hegler. 
2. Mary Elizabeth, 1883-1967, married Russ Clawson.
3. John, 1885-1978, married Thelma Crowmarth
4. Josie, 1890-1972, married Jack Pride
5. Laura Janie, 1887-1977, married Robert Mitchell "Bob" Feazel
6. Spencer H, 1894-1930, married Lenora Buttram
7. Minnie Lou, 1896-1978, married Tommy Potts
8. Ellis Milam, 1900-1987, married Faye McDugald
9. Dessie Mae, 1906-1984, married David Davenport

John Milam Mahone, 1879-1962, had a farm, a saw mill and a shingle mill.  He could make wooden shingles to cover houses.  You could order your shingles and he would cut and deliver them to you.  At one time, his uncle Henry Mahone cut down a very large tree.  The very wide planks that were made from this tree were used to make a quilt box which he gave to his wife, Martha Elizabeth Till Mahone.  Each side of the quilt box was formed by a piece of just one plank. 

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