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Edwin Pyron Orr Family
By Frances Fox
Taken from Ye Olde Ancestors, August 6, 1992
Written permission given by the New Boston Genealogy Society
to post this information to the Bowie County TXGenWeb site.

Edwin Pyron Orr family came to Bowie County, Texas between 1870 and 1878 from Mississippi.  Edwin Pyron Orr, 1820-1899, was the son of David Orr and Nancy Pyron of South Carolina.  David Orr, born 1783, and Nancy Pyron, born 1782, were married in 1808.  Their ten children were:
1. Howard 1809
2. James 1810
3. Sallie 1813
4. Polly 1815
5. Elizabeth 1816
6. Martha Patsy Dean 1818
7. Edwin Pyron 1820
8. Michael 1823
9. Nancy 1824
10. Charley 1826

Edwin Pyron Orr was the father of seventeen children.  It is believed that the first twelve were from his first wife, Hannah and the last five from his second wife, Mary Mauriah.  There is no proof of this.  All of the children were born at Bankstow, Choctaw County, Mississippi.  Both wives, Hannah (1825-18785) and Mary Mauriah (1841-1893) were from Alabama.  The children were:
1. Francis Marion, 1840-1914, married Sarah Thompson, buried Sand Hill Cemetery
2. William Henry, 1841-1921, married Polly, lived at Bankstow, Mississippi
3. Lucinda, 1842-1941, married Pinkney G Neal, buried College Hill Cemetery
4. George Washington, born 1844
5. Joseph Perry, 1845-1914, married Nannie ___
6. Telitha "Lillie, born 1847
7. Martha Reginey, born 1848
8. Sarah Jane, born 1850
9. Safroney Green, born 1852
10. James Franklin, 1853-1937, married Nancy Caroline Burden, Sand Hill Cemetery
11. Permelia Ann, 1855-1900, married J R Cummins/Commings, lived in Texas
12. Elijah, 1857-1905, married second Collie___
13. Siles Emesier, 1860-1867, died young in Bankstow, Mississippi
14. William "Willie", 1862-1921, married Sarah Virginia Braswell, buried Sand Hill Cemetery
15. Mary Frances, 1864-1945, married William L Duren, buried Malta Cemetery
16. Delilah Catherine "Lila", 1867-1939, married James L Tidwell, buried Sand Hill Cemetery
17. Wiley, 1870-1933, married Mary Polly Braswell, buried Old Salem Cemetery

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