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Samuel David Pickens Family
By Frances Fox
Taken from Ye Olde Ancestors, March 27, 1992
Written permission given by the New Boston Genealogy Society
to post this information to the Bowie County TXGenWeb site.

Samuel David Pickens and his wife Susan R Dudley came to Bowie County, Texas before 1884.  Samuel David Pickens, born in Shelby, Alabama, 1857-1918, was the son of John Sidney Pickens and Eliza Ann Smith.  Susan R Dudley, born in Weldon, Louisiana, 1861-1920, was the daughter of Edward Dudley and Emily Booles.  The Pickens line came from Ireland and France, immigrating to Albertville, South Carolina before 1770.

Samuel David Pickens and Susie R Dudley were married in 1878 in Louisiana and their children were:
1. Minnie Selma, 1879-1966, born in Lillie, Louisiana, married Claude Cooper, is buried in Hillcrest Cemetery.
2. John Edmon, 1881-1953, born in Spearville, Louisiana, married Johnnie Murrell in 1907, buried in the Hubbard Chapel Cemetery
3. James Bell, 1884-1904, born at DeKalb, Texas, married Ada McMillan in 1904, buried in New Hope Cemetery.
4. Ada Lee Pickens, 1886-1969, born in DeKalb, Texas, married James Holger in 1905, buried in the Hubbard Chapel Cemetery
5. Ida May, 1888-1907, born in DeKalb, Texas, buried at College Hill
6. William Hartwell, 1891-1969, born in DeKalb, Texas, married Florence Henley, buried in the Hubbard Chapel Cemetery
7. Charles David, born 1893 in DeKalb, Texas, married Lena Warren in 1926
8. Edna Eliza, 1896-1934, born in DeKalb, Texas, married Joseph Richmond Telford, buried at College Hill
9. Edgar Samuel, born 1898 in DeKalb, Texas, married Anna May Lester
10. Bessie Omega, born 1901 in DeKalb, Texas, married Thomas A Harper
11. Sudie Odess Pickens, born 1903 in DeKalb, Texas, married Seth N Atchley
Lillie and Spearville, Louisiana are both in Union Parish, Louisiana.  All of the children except the first two were born in DeKalb, Texas.

Samuel David Pickens had an older sister, Matilda Jane Pickens, 1845-1933, married Luke W Crumpton, that moved to Bowie County, Texas.  They are buried at Moore's Chapel.

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