Dramatic Scene in a Courtroom.

TEXARKANA, April 30. [Special,] The scandal case mentioned in the HERLD a few days ago was put off for a hearing from Thursday last until today. The case was called by Judge J Hamilton this morning and the taking of testimony proceeded with rather a large number of witnesses were introduced, both on the part of the prosecution and the defense,  Mesrs, Arnold and Bancroft appearing as counsel for the plaintiff and Scott and Jones for the defendant.  A little after 2 o'clock, as Mr. Jones was proceeding in rather bitter language with the arguments for the defense the plaintiff crossed the courtroom to the spot where the defendant, Blake was sitting, and looking him fairly in the face, said: "Johnny Blake, this is your child.  I can't stand this abuse," and at the same time drew a Colt's 38 caliber revolver, leveled it at his head and fired.  Blake noticing the  first part of her move to fire, threw himself out of the chair and down upon the floor, thus evading the charge of the weapon. After the first and only shot fired, officers took the woman in charge and brought her before a justice of the peace, where she made bond for her appearance before Judge Hamilton tomorrow. Blake's escape was very narrow. His vest and the lapels of his coat were torn by the shot and his face was badly burnt by powder of the pistol. Quite an excitement prevails, the sympathy of the public being divided. This is the second attempted tragedy that has taken place within the last two months in the courtroom here. On 7th March Sheriff Delon killed A. S. Johnson and the act of today was only less horrible by reason of the failure of death.

Dallas, Dallas, County Texas
The Dallas Daily Herald
pg 4  May 1, 1883