The Article Reads:
Quote---Was unable to identify some of the students. The teacher at that
time was H.L.Knight (who later became the Postmaster of Avery and the Post
Office was in the back of the building now owned {January 23, 1975}and used
as a business by Brose Medford.)
This school was located back of Orville Beardens home. The first school was
torn down and a new one built in 1921. This school that was built in 1921
was sold and moved South West of Clarksville, this building was sold in the
late forties. Another school was built and remained in use until the 50's
when College Hill consolidated with Avery. At one time there were three
teachers there and they served lunches for 2 or 3 years. The community
donated the food that was for the lunches. Coy Hannah said "he offered one
bushel of Poke Salad and Mildred Martin's little girl and Deloris Jean
Clark didn't like it, but said they would lap it up anyway." because at
that time if you ate everything on your plate you received a mark and when
you had so many marks you received a prize. Some of the last teachers to
teach there were Mr. and Mrs. Hegler, who upon consolidation went to Omaha
and Mildred Martin came to Avery. Orville Bearden used to build the fires in
the morning for 10 cents that was two fires (a nickel a piece)- custodians
have really come up in the world since then.

Eddie Robinson