1945 Liberty School 9th Grade / Texarkana, Texas
Submitted by: Jay (James William) Riley   Scroll down for names....
This is the Liberty School in West Texarkana, Texas on the old Buchanan Road across from the Creosote Plant,
which my father worked for over twenty years. The building is the front entrance of the school building.

Top Row L to R:
Mrs. Dupree (teacher) Dorothy Jean McCaskill, Martha Ann Allen, Mary Jane Watkins, Loretta Cravens,
B.E. Dailey, Herman Gumm.

Middle Row L to R:
Hoyde Carter, Alton Rodgers, Gene Cantrell, Ruby Thompson, Nelda Hall, Betty Louise Smith.

Front Row L to R:
Billie Faye Johnson, Eugene Mathews, Phillip Oliver, Henry Smith, Jay Riley, Jimmie Ross Merritt,
Richard Lynn Campbell.