Boy Scout Troop 23 - (Liberty) - Texarkana, Texas
Submitted by: Jay (James William) Riley   Scroll down for names....
Man in Doorway:
 Mr. C. J. Jackson.
Top Row L to R:
 Pat Gerber, Kenneth McNeal, Jim Trimble, B.E. Dailey, Billy Hall, Billy Ralph Shipp, Tommy Lane,
James Manley, Joe Kaufman, James Moore.
Middle Row L to R:
 Alton Rodgers, Jimmy Evans, Charles Monk, Eugene McGee, Eugene Mathews, Phillip Oliver,
Donald Bodine, Richard Campbell.
Front Row L to R:
 Mr. C.K. Bender, Norvell Courtney, Howard Smith, Buddy Greenwood, Jay Riley, Ray Fricks,
Carl Martindale, Henry Smith, Darryl Bodine, Mr. C.A. Shipp.
I have info on most of the people in this photo, here are a few:  C.K. Bender was Principal of Liberty School.
C.A. Shipp was Math Teacher & Sports Coach of Liberty School.  C.J. Jackson was Teacher & Junior Coach
of Liberty School.

As you can see, all were Scout Masters.

Jimmy Evans Invented & Manufactured the Evans Amplifier, used by most Nashville Players of the day.
Buddy Greenwood had a short stint with Professional Baseball, being a Southpaw Pitcher.
Richard Campbell ran Raney's Flowers for years.
Billy Ralph Shipp married Tally's Cafe Owner's daughter.
Norvell Courtney owned a Brake Repair Shop on third street with his brother Oneal.
Joe Kaufman's Parents owned the Kaufman Store on Hiway 59 in Eylau