Letter from ancestor, Johnathan W. Weaver to his sister, Eliza Weaver Hayley, written in 1844.
Eliza Weaver Hayley was my Great, Great, Great Grandmother.
I know very little about Eliza Weaver Hayley. I know her husband was James W. Hayley and he owned a plantation in Jackson, TN. called "Mulberry Plantation" and my Great Grandmother was born on this plantation. Her name was Eugenia Cravasco Hayley born,September 05, 1844 and died,October 11, 1899 in Paducah KY. She married Richard "Dick" Mason Smith.
Eliza and Johnathan Weaver's father is Benjamin Weaver and he owned a plantation in, Brownsville TN. called "Locust Grove Plantation".
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