Taken in New Hope abt 1911
James Andrew Duke b; 4/9/1878
Essie Pearl McMillan Duke b; 5/28/1886

Annie Blanche Duke b; 11/18/1902
Zula Leigh Duke    b; 12/7/1904
Emma Lou Duke   b; 8/31/1907
Thelma (on Horse) Roberta Duke  b; 3/18/1910

Later moved to Avery, worked for Papaw driving Drummer's
to Lydia, Boxelder, Savanaha; then Rural Route Postman on the New Hope Route

In Avery they had:
Carrie Pearl, F, 4/12/1912
Lelia Leola, F, 1/17/1914
Cletus Van, F, 9/14/1917
Charlene, F, 9/9/1919
Betty Jo, F, 11/9/1922 d; as baby

Submitted by: Eddie Robinson
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