Frank Post in 1910
Submitted by: Eddie Robinson

This is Frank Post, Eddie Robinson's Mother's Brother, also a cousin of
Wiley Post (who went down in a plane with Will Roger's)Frank was a delivery
man for Burton & Peel  Dry Goods store in Texarkana about 1910 and this
Hupmobile car was Texarkana's 1st Delcar (they may mean Dealer or Delivery
Car-Eddie)The lights were carbide and had to light them-it also was hand
cranked. This was also the first car for Eddie Robinson to ride in, his
uncle Frank carried he and his family riding from Texarkana to Nash, 5
miles. They made the round trip in an hour -  with dirt roads, and deep
ruts but that was a fast trip and all were excited, nothing pulling it.
some of those good old days.