Hayes - McMillan Family Photo
New Hope 1909

The day the picture man came by for pictures everyone was out doing their
chores. The kids were playing and had to be rounded up and prepared for the
picture. They had to wash their faces and necks. Put on their Sunday Best.
(Notice that the kids had no shoes on). In summer they only wore shoes on
Sunday. William Monroe was down at his Syrup Mill, making Molasses
Syrup.  They called him 4-5 times telling him the picture man was there and
everyone was ready but him. They had to send Follis the second time before
he finally came and was mad as a wet hen. They wanted him to change to
clean clothes even if he didn't wash-up. He refused and told them that if
they wanted a picture they had better hurry, he had work to do that
wouldn't wait. #10 Ida and  #1 Alice were sister's and both got busy
getting  everyone called back together and  lined up for the picture.
Immediately after the picture he went back to the Syrup Mill and was still
mad when he came in for dinner that night. This picture was made in New
Hope abt 1909. The first 8 were visiting when the picture man came by to
make pictures.

1. Alice Hayes, (Little Mammy's #10-Ida Ella's Sister)Husband Acie Hayes
2. Acie Hayes, Jr
3. Dewie Hayes
4. Bessie Hayes, Cook
5. Ira Hayes, Freiberger
6. Mary Hayes, Ryther
7. Johnnie Hayes, Webb
8. Lydia Hayes, Moore
9.   William Monroe McMillan (Papaw) b 15 Nov. 1859, Jasper Co, Ms. d 28
Feb. 1946, in Avery, buried in New Hope Cementery between his two wives,
Bowie Co.
10. Ida Ella Jane McMillan (Little Mammy) b 18 Sept. 1868, Dalby Springs d
6 June 1943, in Avery, buried in New Hope Cementery, Bowie Co.
11. Cleoda Darlin McMillan- Robinson, 29 July 1901, in DeKalb rest home.
12. Follis Everett McMillan b 26 June 1904, New Hope, Bowie Co. d 3 April
1994          , DeKalb Rest Home, Buried in Avery Cementery
13. Oba Vera McMillan- Kelly b 27 June 1911, New Hope, Bowie Co. d 12 Oct.
1986, Shreveport La, buried Avery Cementery.
14. Carrie McMillan-Terral b 22 Feb.1893, New Hope, Bowie Co. d 15
Sept.1929 (Daughter of William Monroe's by 1st wife Maudie Condor.)
15. Maudie Stephen (A niece of Ida's by 1st Husband, who was visiting Ida
Picture Day also)
Submitted by: Eddie Robinson
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