Civil War Veterans Picture
Taken in Texarkana Arkansas

We would be interested in hearing from anyone that can identify any of the above men!
The original copyprint had information with it that indicated that the original photograph was taken at Texarkana, Arkansas...just across the state line from Texas. One of the interesting things about this image is that one of the veterans is African American, and this Black gentleman is at the extreme left of the front row. Many of the other vets are in uniforms and wear their UCV ribbons and Southern Cross medals.  UPDATE:  In the middle row, center man with light colored uniform and white beard with the peg leg has been identified as James Ellis Young, Pvt., 3 (Wingfields's) Louisiana Cavalry, Co. 'G' - Identified by Chris M Young/Crate. Front row 4th from left has been identified as James W Hughes - Identified by Jim McClendon. Middle row 3rd from left has been identified as Ausborn Rowland Moore - Identified by great grandson David Moore.