Culberson County Pioneers
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Anderson, Albert A.

Sheriff of Culberson Co., 1931-1946
Beach, James H.

Stock Raiser in Van Horn in 1900; born Jan 1849, pioneer settler; donated land for cemetery west of Van Horn; Beach family infant was first person to die in Van Horn
Bean, R. P. (Perry)

From Lampasas County, established B Ranch on the site of  now the Figure Two Ranch; moved headquarters in 1885, pioneer settler
Bristow, George

Carpenter in Van Horn in 1900; born Mar 1860, pioneer settler
Carter, J. F.

Postmaster of Tarver (aka Rustler Springs) from 1908-1910
Canon, Joseph Y.

General Merchant in Van Horn in 1900; born Sept 1874; married Mary M. Hall, daughter of Robert Hall
Clark, Kathlyn

Postmaster in Lobo, Texas, beginning 1921
Collins, T. J.

Worked as an agent on the T.P. Railroad; married Elizabeth Wylie in 1901.  She died 10 Nov 1959.
HVHCC, bio p116
Cox, A. A. "Gus"

pioneer settler
Cox, C. M. Mrs.

Established the first school in Van Horn in 1887, taught seven students in her home six years before the first schoolhouse was built
Cox, John E.

Contractor, built Cox Bldg which served as dance hall, opera house, community center, pool hall and saloon, and later court house before becoming the Clark Hotel in 1918; built first Methodist Church, Van Horn's second schoolhouse and the city's first electric plant and dug Van Horn's first water well, son of A. A. "Gus" Cox
Cummings, C. N.

Sheriff of Culberson Co., 1921-1930
Daugherty, Dan

Dec 1955
Sheriff of Culberson Co, 1916-1920, brother of Matt, married Emma Wade, foreman of the Figure 2 Ranch
HVHCC  p118-119, sheriffs
Daugherty, Dick
8 Mar 1948
Foreman on the Figure 2 Ranch
HVHCC  p118
Daugherty, Emma Wade

County treasurer, teacher in Van Horn School, wife of Dan Daugherty
HVHCC  p 118-119
Daugherty, F. X

Cattle-breeder in Daugherty in 1914.
Daugherty, James M.

2 Mar 1942
Son of James M. and Eleanor McGehee Daugherty, born on 27 Feb 1850, married Sara Elizabeth "Bettie" Middleton in 1875, she died in 1924; started the Figure 2 Ranch, the Black Mountain Cattle Company, and the community of Daugherty, postmaster of Daugherty in 1912, served as county commissioner, organizer of Van Horn State Bank and the Sierra Blanca State Bank
bio, HVHCC bio p 118-119, info, marker
Daugherty, Matt

operated grocery store, father of: Josie, Lawrense, Lee, Mary Bell, Saleta, Dan & Dorothy.  Josie taught in Van Horn schools.
HVHCC  p118
Davidson, Susie R.

Postmaster of Daugherty from Oct 1922 until the post office closed in 1927.
De Anda, Sebastian "Ben"

pioneer settler
Dianda, Ben

came from Presidio, Texas; father of:  Sebastian, Juan, Romula, Reyes, Jesusita; Parker, Jose, Ancula, Manuel, and Grace
HVHCC, bio p116
Dianda, Juan
1 Nov 1950
son of Ben Dianda, mail carrier on route from Van Horn to Salt Flat; was in mercantile business.
HVHCC,  p116
Dixon, Ed

Operated a barber shop, managed the Gateway Lodge for abt 3 yrs; bookkeeper at the Ken Holmes Oil Co; sang in Methodist Church choir; Mrs. Dixon was Sunday School teacher.  She died 30 Sept 1965
HVHCC, bio p116
Driggers, James O.

Owned General Store in Plateau, Texas, served as postmaster 1913-1916
Espy, Robert

Set world record for roping and tying a goat (eleven seconds) in 1910
Espy, Rowena

Stock Raiser in Van Horn in 1900, widow, born Mar 1849
Etheridge, Herbert F.

Worked as "teley operator" in Van Horn in 1900 when he was 17 yrs old; born May 1883
Feely / Feeley, J.H.

9 Feb 1914
First sheriff of Van Horn, 1911-1914, killed in gunfight, owned grocery store in Plateau, infant son buried in Feely Cemetery
Field, Samuel L.

Postmaster in Kent, Texas, starting 1923.
Fitzsimmons, Charles S.

Postmaster in Plateau, Texas, Aug 1911 - Jul 1913
Gardiner, John F.

Postmaster in Lobo, Texas 1918-1920
Glover, Walter
by 1907

Purchased land in Pine Springs, Built Pine Springs Cafe when US Hwy 62 opened.  Wife Bertha was postmaster in Pine Springs in 1942 and operated cafe until her death in 1982.
Glenn, Mary E.

Postmaster of Boracho, Texas 1908-1912
Goynes, A.S.

Rancher, supposedly suggested the motto, "This Town Is So Healthy We Had to Shoot a Man to Start a Cemetery," shot and first person to die in Van Horn, buried Van Horn Cemetery
Hall, R.L.
owner of the Van Horn Trading Company,  postmaster in Van Horn in 1896, murdered by Red Sealy in 1900
Hall, Robert

Stock Raiser in Van Horn in 1900, born Jul 1854
Halliday, M. S. Capt.

First county treasurer
HVHCC, p14
Hamilton, Charles B.

Postmaster of Daugherty, Texas, from 1914-1920
Hamm, Ed

pioneer settler
Hart, Leland P.

Only postmaster of Sulphuria, 20 Nov 1920 until the post office was discontinued in 20 Jun 1921
Hyler, Mr.

Built the first store in Van Horn in 1886 (with W. D. Johnson)
Johnson, Raymond

Postmaster in Kent, Texas, 1914-1923
Johnson, W. D.

Built the first store in Van Horn in 1886 (with a Mr. Hyler)
Jones, J. Curtis

Storekeeper and first postmaster in Lobo, Texas, 1909
Kindred, Annie

Postmaster in Plateau, Texas, Apr 1910 - Nov 1910
King, William A.

Railroad Section Forman in Van Horn, born Feb 1845; served meals and took borders at the Section House (the largest bldg in Van Horn) before the town's first hotel opened.
Langdon, G. M.

elected first mayor of Van Horn in 1945
Magee, Charles

Physician in Van Horn in 1900, born Jan 1858
Manuss, P. H.

First postmaster of Van Horn, beginning in 1886
Marine / Morrin, John

Second sheriff of Van Horn, 1915-1916
Marley, Josiah

Stock Raiser in Van Horn in 1900, born Sept 1857
Martinez, Ysacc Mrs.
3 Aug 1948
life-long resident of Van Horn, died at age 103 with 68 grandchildren; mother of Mrs. Alcadia Benevides
HVHCC, bio p136
McDonald, Marcus L. Jr.

Postmaster in Plateau, Texas, July 1909 - Apr 1910
McMillan, Lucy
early 1920s
Mar 1960
School teacher, also taught school in Marfa; served as County Clerk for 14 yrs., sister of Mrs. C.N. Cummings & Mrs. Rebecca Espy
HVHCC, bio p140
McVay, D. H.
Oct 1956
Owned a filling station and Tourist Courts.  Served in WWII; Wife, Euraline Naron taught music
HVHCC, bio p140
Means, Marion O.
Aug 1961
From Lampasas; lived in and near Valentine.  Owned El Capitan Hotel and Van Horn Drug Store.
HVHCC, bio p141
Mendez, Jose

Family longtime Van Horn residents; children:  Jesus, Elena, Cruz, Petra, Irene, Espedian & Valentine
HVHCC, bio p136
Merritt, Will

Worked as a mail carrier on the route from Salt Flat to Van Horn; owned and operated filling station
HVHCC, bio p140
Millican, L. R. Rev.

18 Apr 1938
Baptist preacher; established many churches in the area; pastored at Sierra Blanca, Valentine, Van Horn & others; started the Paisano Camp, monument at Skillman Grove in his honor; Millican Memorial Baptist Church at Sierra Blanca named for him.   He and Mrs. Millican (who died in 1948) are buried on a hill overlooking the Paisano Camp Ground.
HVHCC, bio p 136-137
Miller, Ottis

School teacher in Van Horn in 1900; born Jan 1873
Mills, Jim
11 Oct 1942
Worked in mining & surveying; lived in Kent & Van Horn; married Bessie Clark
HVHCC, bio p136
Moore, J. H.
29 Apr 1951
Worked as Section Foreman on T.P. Railroad, during which time he had a serious accident; purchased Commercial Hotel until it burned in 1933; Wife died 2 Mar 1934.
HVHCC, bio p141
Monroe, Z.
4 Jun 1949
Worked as agent on T.P. Railroad; bought drug store from Josh Barker in 1933; sold it to Hargis family. Wife died 1962 & is buried in Van Horn Cemetery
HVHCC, bio p141
Morris, Berry A.

30 Mar 1967
Worked as bookkeeper and manager of the McWorter Store; Purchased the store in 1943 and then later sold it to his son, A. D. Another son, Jim died while serving in the Marines in 1957.
HVHCC, bio p141
Owen / Owens, Thomas

discovered the Hazel Mine in 1856; Justice of the Peace in Van Horn
Payne, Zachariah V.

Postmaster in Plateau, Texas when the Post Office was established in 1907
Rader Brothers

In 1876 two brothers named Rader Built the first permanent ranchhouse in the Frijole area in 1876
Ramstein, Henry

Station keeper for the Butterfield Overland Mail stage station, called the Pinery, in Pine Springs 1858-1859.
Richburg, Henry R.

Postmaster in Plateau, Texas Nov 1910 - Aug 1911
Rickli, John Charles

Postmaster in Kent, Texas in 1893
Smalley, J.W.

Photographer in Van Horn, 1895-96.
Smith, Nella May

Postmaster in Frijole from 1916-1942
Swartout, Mary

Postmaster in Lobo, Texas 1920-1921
Thompson, Harry E.

Postmaster of Daugherty, Texas, from 1920-1922
Veats, Jack

Railroad Agent, pioneer settler
Welch, Lee

Mr. & Mrs. Welch managed the El Capitan Hotel after it was purchased by Marion O. Means in the late 1950s.
HVHCC, p141
West, James Marion Sr.

1871-1941, Bought the Figure 2 Ranch in 1933
Wylie, Robert K.

pioneer settler
Wylie, William

Stock Raiser in Van Horn in 1900, born May 1832
Culberson County