1900 Census

Transcribed by: Christina Palmer


Dwelling Family Surname Name Relationship Race Sex Birth Month Birth Year Age Birth location Father  Birth Location Mother Birth Location
86 87 Ramsey Emma Head W F Sept. 1843 56 Missouri Massachuttes England
    Wheat Chas C. Boarder W M Nov. 1873 26 Virginia Virginia Virginia
    Seymour Arthur Boarder W M July 1872 27 Wisconsin New York New York
87 88 Willowby George J. Head W M Sept. 1864 36 Texas Texas Texas
    Willowby Mary Wife W F May 1876 24 Texas   Texas
    Willowby Carl L. Daughter W F Aug. 1892 7 Texas Texas Texas
    Willowby Ida M. Daughter W F Aug. 1896 3 Texas Texas Texas
88 89 Belle Ion Head W M Aug. 1870 29 Texas   Georgia
    Belle Monnie Wife W F Feb. 1879 21 Texas Alabama Alabama
    Holland Willie Boarder W M Nov. 1882 17 Arkansas Alabama Georgia
    Reeves Andrew C. Boarder W M Jan. 1873 27 Texas   Texas
    Allen Charles T. Boarder W M Sept. 1876 24 Georgia Georgia Georgia
89 90 Cooper Quincy Head W M March 1872 28 Texas Texas Texas
    Cooper Hattie Wife W F April 1875 25 Tennessee Georgia Alabama
    Cooper Mamite Daughter W F March 1893 7 Texas Texas Tennessee
    Cooper Weldon Son W M June 1893 7 Texas Texas Tennessee
    Cooper Walter Son W M June 1897 2 Texas Texas Tennessee
90 91 Newton Jno Head W M June 1865 35 Texas Texas Alabama
91 92 Watson David Head W M Aug. 1860 39 Missouri Missouri Missouri
    Watson Annie Wife W F Feb. 1865 35 Missouri Arkansas Tennessee
    Watson Martin Son W M June 1892 7 Texas Missouri Missouri
    Watson, Jr. Dan Son W M June 1894 5 Texas Missouri Missouri
92 93 Cowden Eugene Head W M Jan. 1875 25 Texas Texas Texas
    Cowden Tennie Wife W F Oct. 1874 25 Texas Georgia Tennessee
    Cowden Mary Lee Daughter W F Dec. 1899 6/12 Texas Texas Texas
    Braewell William Boarder W M April 1878 22 Texas Texas Texas
93 94 Cassle Henry Head W M Dec. 1878 21 Texas Arkanasas Texas
    Cassle Oma Wife W F Oct. 1883 26 Texas Georgia Georgia
94 95 Means Robert Head W M July 1878 21 Texas Tennessee Kentucky
    Wright Tom Boarder W M Aug. 1875 24 Texas Texas Texas
    Haley Fed E. Boarder W M Sept. 1873 26 California California Oregon
95 96 Reynolds Frank Head W M June 1870 30 Texas Tennessee Tennessee
    Reynolds Hattie Wife W F March 1871 29 Missouri Missouri Africa
    Reynolds Erastus C. Son W M March 1892 8 Texas Texas Missouri
    Reynolds Harry L. Son W M Dec. 1894 5 Texas Texas Missouri
    Gasaway Will L. Boarder W M April 1873 27 Texas Alabama Kentucky
    Counde Darsey Boarder W M June 1873 26 Virgiinia Alabama Orgeon
    Reynolds Erastus Brother W M Sept. 1875 24 Texas Tennessee Tennessee
96 97 Roberts Perry Head W M  Aug. 1873 26 Arkansas Tennessee Missouri
    Roberts Jeanie Wife W F Sept. 1876 24 Texas Texas N. Dakota
    Roberts Mary Pearl Daughter W F June 1892 7 Texas Arkansas Texas
    Roberts Laurie Daughter W F Oct. 1893 6 Texas Arkansas Texas
    Roberts Fannie Daughter W F Feb. 1895 5 Texas Arkansas Texas
97 98 Gavett John Head W M June 1871 29   Missouri Missouri
    Gavett Ella Wife W F June 1875 26   Tennessee Louisiana
    Gavett Burince Daughter W F Aug. 1892 7 Texas Missouri S. Carolina
    Gavett Harion Son W M Sept. 1894 6 Texas Missouri S. Carolina
    Gavett Irene Daughter W F June 1896 4 Texas Missouri S. Carolina
    Roberts Thomas Boarder W M Dec.       Maine Vermont
98 99 Gater Bill Head W M Feb       Texas Texas
    Gater Alice Wife W F Sept. 1878 22 Texas Texas Texas
    Gater Samuel Son W M July 1899 11/12 Texas Texas Texas
99 100 Dillard Dixie Head W F April 1884 16 Texas Texas Texas
    Dillard Lucy Mother W F Jan 1855 45 Texas Texas Missouri
    Dillard Laura Sister W F June 1886 13 Texas Texas Texas
    Dillard Annie Sister W F Aug. 1891 8 Texas Texas Texas
    Dillard Robert Brother W M Jan 1894 6 Texas Texas Texas
100 101 Fisher Lor Head W M April 1846 54 Maine England Canada
    Fisher Annie Wife W F Oct. 1866 33 Canada Canada Canada
    Fisher Cecil J. Daughter W F Dec. 1887 12 Canada Maine Canada
    Fisher Boyd L. Son W M Jan. 1890 10 Wyoming Maine Canada
    Shelton Walter S. Boarder W M May 1871 29 Indiana Virginia Indiana
    Richie Fank B. Boarder W M March 1876 24 Texas Alabama Alabama
    Causey Robert L. Boarder W M Jan. 1873 27 Texas Indiana Indiana
    Manning William F. Boarder W M May 1875 25 Texas Texas Texas
    Leonard Joe Boarder W M May 1877 23 Texas Texas Texas
    Patton Cliff Boarder W M Aug. 1873 26 Texas Virginia Mississippi
    Childress Clarence Boarder W M July 1874 25 Texas Vermont Maine
    Williams Oscar Boarder W M April 1874 25 Texas Texas Texas
    Stewart James Boarder W M March 1868 35 Texas Don't Know Don't Know
    Cade Thomas Boarder W M Jan. 1883 17 Texas Texas Texas
    Johnson Thomas Boarder W M Nov. 1870 29 Texas Virginia Virginia
    Hess Buck Boarder W M Aug. 1881 18 Texas Texas Texas
    Gathhouse John Boarder W M Jan. 1880 20 Texas Texas Texas
101 102 Moeglin Albert Head W M Jan. 1966 34 Texas Arkansas Arkansas
    Moeglin Minnie Wife W F Jan. 1872 28 Texas Texas Texas
    Moeglin Edwin Son W M Jan. 1897 3 Texas Texas Texas
    Fuller Robert Head W M March 1871 29 Texas Texas Ohio
102 103 Fuller Cora N. Wife W F July 1880 19 Texas Texas Texas
    Fuller Leonard G. Son W M Sept. 1893 3 Texas Texas Texas
    Fuller Blanche Daughter W F July 1898 1 Texas Texas Texas
    McBride Edgar L. Boarder W M Oct. 1872 27 Texas Texas Texas
    Cockell Newton Boarder W M Sept. 1886 13 Texas Texas Texas
    Cockless Albert Boarder W M Oct. 1858 41 Texas Mississppi Mississippi
103 104 Wilson Richard Head W M Dec. 1870 29 Texas Arkansas Arkansas
    Cunning Henry Head W M Jan. 1860 40 Texas Texas Texas
    Cunning Myrtle Wife W F May 1865 35 Texas Texas Texas

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