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The Andrews County TXGenWeb is in the process of obtaining as many death certificates pertaining to Andrews County .


The death certificates consist of Images and/or Transcriptions from Andrews County and  and a few from surrounding counties

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Name of Deceased Date of Birth Date of Death Submitter
Hadaway, Gladys Juanita 28-Oct-1916 16-Apr-1960 Mary Hatton
Hadaway, Robert Travis 21-Jan-1937 28-Jun-1956 Mary Hatton
Hafley, Robert O.  29-Oct-1886 13-Sep-1965 Mary Hatton
Haggard, Carrie Lou 27 Oct 1882 06-Jan-1960 Mary Hatton
Haggard, Mack Farland 16 Mar 1875 29-Feb-1960 Mary Hatton
Hale, J.D. 22-Jan-1924 26-Jun-1956 Mary Hatton
Hale, Kevin Williard 29-Sep-1963 29-Sep-1963 Mary Hatton
Hale, Luther Oland 02-Apr-1937 05-Apr-1959 Christina Palmer
Hall, Charlie Monroe 04-Oct-1890 13-May-1969 Christina Palmer
Hall, Rowland, Joshua 15-Feb-1861 24-Oct-1929 Mary Hatton
Ham, Nell Pauline 29-Oct-1911 12-May-1952 Mary Hatton
Ham, Odius Glen 18-Dec-1901 24-Feb-1963 Mary Hatton
Hamilton, Edith Margie 11-Feb-1913 10-Jun-1961 Christina Palmer
Hammack, Josie Belle 06 Feb 1884 01 Aug 1968 Christina Palmer
Hammonds, Carla Lee 08-Apr-1963 08-Jul-1963 Mary Hatton
Hancock, Emory Ivan 27-Sep-1891 03-Jul-1969 Christina Palmer
Hand, Spurgeon L. 19 Sep 1889 07 Aug 1968 Christina Palmer
Hanners, George Thomas 26-Jan-1907 05-Dec-1960 Mary Hatton
Hardin, Odie Neal 06-Jun-1913 23-Nov-1962 Mary Hatton
Harding, Alfred Clayton 14-Jun-1900 06-Oct-1956 Mary Hatton
Harper, Paula Lynn 06 May 1968 07 May 1968 Christina Palmer
Harriss, Archie Onlee 30-Jul-1921 21-Oct-1969 Christina Palmer
Harris, Dalton Franklin 17 Sep 1898 06-Mar-1959 Mary Hatton
Harrison, William Todd 25-Dec-1926 29-May-1958 Mary Hatton
Hartman, Simon Roy 11 Jun 1895 07 Apr 1968 Christina Palmer
Harwood, John Vernon, Jr. 02-Oct-1925 23-Aug-1958 Christina Palmer
Hathcoat, Algia Arthur 16-May-1916 03-Dec-1963 Mary Hatton
Hathcock, William James, Jr.  24-Jul-1962 26-Jul-1962 Mary Hatton
Heickman, Detrieck 18-Apr-1868 07-Feb-1952 Mary Hatton
Helms, Barbara June 16-Feb-1952 14-Oct-1954 Mary Hatton
Helms, Shirley Margaret 23-Dec-1940 16-Feb-1956 Mary Hatton
Hemphill, Mildred Joyce 24-Mar-1914 28-Mar-1955 Mary Hatton
Henderson, Charlie Devella 30 Apr 1871 07-Jul-1963 Mary Hatton
Henderson, William Elmer 28-Feb-1912 14-Mar-1969 Christina Palmer
Henry, John Foster 17-Sep-1879 05-Sep-1968 Christina Palmer
Henry, Jim Larry 10-Apr-1941 11-Aug-1960 Christina Palmer
Hensley, Beaton M.  14-Oct-1922 14-Apr-1952 Mary Hatton
Herzberger, Arthur Hadden  09-Jan-1943 07-Aug-1957 Christina Palmer
Hicks, Florence Lee 15-May-1878 07-Dec-1958 Mary Hatton
Hicks, Ima Lee 03 Feb 1899 26 Sep 1969 Christina Palmer
Hicks, Michael Glen 15-Jul-1961 19-Jul-1961 Mary Hatton
Hill, Earle 06-Jul-1908 25-Oct-1936 Mary Hatton
Hill, June Marilyn 20-Jan-1937 13-May-1964 Christina Palmer
Hill, Sallie Essie 12-Jun-1895 13-Jun-1969 Christina Palmer
Hill, William Russell 09-Apr-1893 11-Jun-1958 Mary Hatton
Hillard, Troy Cleveland 30-Jan-1919 22-Aug-1959 Mary Hatton
Hitch, Robert Taylor 09-Apr-1852 18-Apr-1936 Mary Hatton
Hockersmith, Lillie Elizabeth 06 Aug 1890 27-May-1960 Mary Hatton
Hogeland, William Finis 14-Apr-1905 23-Sep-1963 Mary Hatton
Holbert, Lula Mae 27-Nov-1926 09-May-1969 Christina Palmer
Holcombe, Earnest Ray Cathbert 05-Apr-1901 30-Oct-1954 Mary Hatton
Holcombe, Horace Newton 03-Jun-1923 31-Aug-1961 Christina Palmer
Hollenbeck, Arthur Lewis 20-Aug-1890 08-Feb-1957 Mary Hatton
Holman, Dennis M.  22-May-1923 07-Aug-1956 Mary Hatton
Holman, Minnie Lea 17-Mar-1927 23-Feb-1952 Mary Hatton
Holmes, Vicki Elaine 01-Feb-1957 05-Feb-1957 Mary Hatton
Holt, Irby Josephine 11-Apr-1905 14-Jul-1956 Mary Hatton
Hooper, Ralp Blan 14-Nov-1926 12-Dec-1969 Christina Palmer
Horne, Norman Cecil 28-Sep-1898 22-Jun-1958 Mary Hatton
Horton, Randal Curtis 20-Dec-1953 21-Dec-1953 Mary Hatton
Houdyshell, Ralph Andrew 25-Oct-1951 28-Oct-1951 Mary Hatton
Houston, John Stephen 11 May 1871 29-Sep-1962 Mary Hatton
Howard, Burt Ambrose 19-Nov-1961 21-Nov-1961 Mary Hatton
Howard, Glenn Eldon 17-Dec-1925 11-Nov-1957 Mary Hatton
Howell, David Oscar 15-May-1933 08-Jul-1963 Christina Palmer
Howell, Hezekiah 03 Apr 1886 18-Apr-1963 Christina Palmer
Howell, Lucrecia 18-Dec-1861 30-May-1929 Mary Hatton
Howell, Minnie Pearl 15-Jul-1882 56-May-1955 Mary Hatton
Howell, Willis Hezekiah 15-Sep-1857 31-Mar-1937 Mary Hatton
Hredie, Emanuel   23-Nov-1928 Mary Hatton
Hubbard, Bruce Eldon 26-Dec-1954 16-May-1955 Mary Hatton
Huddleston, Dock Preston 05-Oct-1889 22-Jan-1958 Mary Hatton
Hudgens, Melvin Lafett 12-Jun-1922 22-May-1956  
Hudgens, Odessa Littlian 09-Nov-1902 12-Jun-1962 Mary Hatton
Huett, Letha Jo 27-Aug-1953 13-Jun-1961 Mary Hatton
Hughes, Marta Ann 18-Jun-1955 01-Feb-1958 Christina Palmer



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