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The death certificates consist of Images and/or Transcriptions from Andrews County and  and a few from surrounding counties

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Name of Deceased Date of Birth Date of Death Submitter
Maddox, Sharon Gayle  26-Sep-1943 08-Aug-1962 Mary Hatton
Magnor, George Holland 19-Jul-1890 07-Dec-1968 Christina Palmer
Mahan, Henry Walden  10-May-1899 02-Nov-1952 Mary Hatton
Maher, Bennie Audrian 13-Nov-1910 15-Aug-1953 Mary Hatton
Mahurin, William Jewel 31-Jul-1906 16-Aug-1952 Mary Hatton
Maldonado, Sabino Mendez 02-Feb-1911 04-Sep-1957 Mary Hatton
Mangham, Sidney Alfred 17-Apr-1932 27-Jan-1952 Mary Hatton
Manicchia, Ruby Mae 30-Apr-1903 26-Mar-1958 Mary Hatton
Mannis, William Lawrence 12 Jul 1893 23-Mar-1959 Mary Hatton
Mapel, Albert Joseph 29 Oct 1879 11-Dec-1963 Mary Hatton
Marchead, Foy R. 06-Oct-1926 06-Jul-1956 Mary Hatton
Marlow, John J.  28 Mar 1920 20 Dec 1969 Christina Palmer
Martin, Albert Raymond 24 Apr 1930 24 Jul 1969 Christina Palmer
Martin, Kevin Dale 29-Jan-1961 30-Jan-1961 Mary Hatton
Martin, Mirrie Hasseltine 17-Jun-1881 22-Oct-1956 Mary Hatton
Martindale, William Lewis 04-Apr-1896 30-Nov-1956 Mary Hatton
Martinez, Celestino Olivarez 01 Sep 1916 13 Jul 1968 Christina Palmer
Massey, Marie Ann 01-Aug-1907 12-Feb-1969 Christina Palmer
Massey, Ruthie Marie 01-Nov-1952 06-Jan-1958 Mary Hatton
Mathews, Martha Jane 27 Mar 1886 28-Apr-1962 Mary Hatton
Matlock, Mattie 07-Nov-1843 07-May-1927 Mary Hatton
Maudlin, Edith Louise 21-Dec-1919 22-Feb-1958 Mary Hatton
Mauldin, Jackie Lee 30-Sep-1954 22-Feb-1958 Mary Hatton
Mauldin, Ronald Coy 20-Jul-1944 22-Feb-1958 Mary Hatton
May, Aubrey 23-Apr-1906 31-Oct-1968 Christina Palmer
May, Pearlee Eusibia 15-Sep-1917 25-Jun-1961 Mary Hatton
Mayfield, William M.  05 Aug 1885 17-Jan-1957 Christina Palmer
Maynard, Theda Mozelle 26 May 1921 17 Jul 1968 Christina Palmer
McCargo, Charles Clay 21-Feb-1868 30-May-1956 Mary Hatton
McCarley, Lila Sanders 13 Jul 1896 22-Aug-1963 Christina Palmer
McCarver, Ancil Ethrage 26-Jun-1911 14-Mar-1955 Mary Hatton
McCorkle, Mildred Ann (Continuation) 22-Feb-1940 08-Mar-1957 Mary Hatton
McCorley, Nina Bess 18-May-1937 11-Sep-1950 Mary Hatton
McCoy, Myrtle Aline 26-Apr-1914 14-May-1969 Christina Palmer
McCullough, Jack 24 Feb 1907 28 Oct 1969 Christina Palmer
McCullough, Sherry Kay 01-Aug-1962 02-Aug-1962 Mary Hatton
McDowell, Walton Edward 03-Jun-1937 20-Jul-1960 Mary Hatton
McElroy, Charles Alfred, Jr. 25 Aug 1914 26 Dec 1968 Christina Palmer
McGary, Martha Lavina 04 Apr 1880 18-Feb-1960 Mary Hatton
McGill, Katherine 16-Sep-1907 13-Oct-1962 Mary Hatton
McGregor, Ivy D.  27 Jul 1891 13 Nov 1969 Christina Palmer
McIntosh, Therold Leroy 28-Mar-1909 24-May-1957 Mary Hatton
McKelvy, Clarence Hubert, Sr. 12 Aug 1902 18 Apr 1968 Christina Palmer
McKinney, Minnie Mandie Ola 28 Jan 1880 10-Dec-1963 Mary Hatton
McKinney, Thirston Mayfield 13-Aug-1871 10-Oct-1949 Mary Hatton
McKinzie, Terrie Lynne 23-Mar-1962 14-Apr-1962 Mary Hatton
McLean, Kenneth Odell 11-Aug-1942 19-Nov-1957 Mary Hatton
McLean, Odell Brown 28-Sep-1920 07-Apr-1959 Mary Hatton
McNeese, Norman Jeff 28-Sep-1958 01-Oct-1958 Mary Hatton
McQuatters, Wm Waller 14-Mar-1868 04-Dec-1937 Mary Hatton
Mead, Thomas, A.  23-Jan-1860 28-Apr-1940 Mary Hatton
Means, Infant (Mary) 10-Aug-1920 10-Aug-1920 Mary Hatton
Mejia, Ester 06-May-1962 07-Sep-1962 Mary Hatton
Merrit, Jim 17-Aug-1912 10-Jan-1937 Mary Hatton
Merritt, William Cole 11-May-1956 14-May-1956 Mary Hatton
Meyer, Walter John 15-Mar-1918 06-Sep-1960 Mary Hatton
Miles, Hayden Lee Roy 15-Jul-1891 30-Apr-1958 Mary Hatton
Miller, Billy Johnson 18-Jan-1914 16-Jun-1951 Mary Hatton
Miller, Bobby Lee 30-Jan-1938 23-Dec-1962 Christina Palmer
Miller, Carrie Lynn 07-Aug-1963 11-Aug-1963 Christina Palmer
Miller, Margie Wasalee 25-Nov-1921 06-Feb-1963 Mary Hatton
Miller, Willie Lamoin 23-Apr-1919 26-May-1962 Christina Palmer
Mills, Thomas Gene, Jr. 15 Jul 1968 16 Jul 1968 Christina Palmer
Mitchell, Billy Verne 14-Jan-1930 28-Dec-1949 Mary Hatton
Mitchell, Ira Worth 11-Jan-1906 02-Mar-1955 Mary Hatton
Mitchell, James Elmer 17 Oct 1895 09-Aug-1958 Christina Palmer
Mitchell, Martin Ray 20-Nov-1939 14-Nov-1950 Mary Hatton
Mitchell, Ruthie Mae 01 Jul 1912 29 Dec 1968 Christina Palmer
Mitchell, Terry Dwaine 07-Feb-1956 07-Feb-1956 Mary Hatton
Mittage, Max Oscar 23 Nov 1891 04 Oct 1969 Christina Palmer
Montgomery, Coy Cook 17-Jul-1921 16-Aug-1953 Mary Hatton
Montgomery, J. L. 07-Feb-1856 28-Apr-1932 Mary Hatton
Montgomery, Wallie Henry 04-Sep-1914 25-Jan-1965 Mary Hatton
Moore, Alice Amanda Florence 07-Feb-1910 29-Dec-1956 Mary Hatton
Moore, Bessie 04 May 1891 23 May 1968 Christina Palmer
Moore, James W.  28 Jul 1884 29-Jan-1958 Christina Palmer
Moore, Mavernee Irine 04-Jun-1910 15-Jun-1914 Mary Hatton
Moran, Carl Thedford 24-Sep-1907 24-Nov-1965 Mary Hatton
Morgan, Augusta Velma 27 Apr 1895 30 Sep 1969 Christina Palmer
Morgan, Warren Wesley 05-Jul-1959 06-Jul-1959 Mary Hatton
Morrow, George Pettus 10-Oct-1896 05-Mar-1955 Mary Hatton
Mosely, Noval Gaddy 07 Oct 1906 25 Nov 1969 Christina Palmer
Moxley, A. W. (Mrs.) 27-Nov-1862 25-Mar-1928 Mary Hatton
Moxley, George Edwin 23-Mar-1884 26-Feb-1954 Mary Hatton
Moxley, George Henry 27-Sep-1908 06-Jan-1965 Mary Hatton
Moxley, Robert Albert 06 Mar 1889 27-Jan-1961 Mary Hatton
Munoz, Natividad 08-Sep-1860 26-Jan-1953 Mary Hatton
Murphy, Andrew Sladon 25 Nov 1876 07-Jan-1963 Mary Hatton
Murphy, Horace Andrews 15 Jun 1906 11 Dec 1968 Christina Palmer
Murrell, Melvin Edward 27-Nov-1957 23-Oct-1961 Mary Hatton
Myers, Johnnie Dewane 18-Aug-1933 04-Sep-1957 Mary Hatton
Myrick, Virgie W.  25-Apr-1924 09-May-1924 Mary Hatton



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