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The Andrews County TXGenWeb is in the process of obtaining as many death certificates pertaining to Andrews County .


The death certificates consist of Images and/or Transcriptions from Andrews County and  and a few from surrounding counties

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Name of Deceased Date of Birth Date of Death Submitter
Walker, George Warner 08 Dec 1877 02-Oct-1950 Mary Hatton
Walker, John Everett 03 Nov 1877 25-May-1962 Mary Hatton
Walker, Luther Jack 24-Apr-1908 02-Dec-1955 Mary Hatton
Walkins, W. J.   07-May-1930 Mary Hatton
Walters, Howard Blanchard 22-Oct-1887 05-Mar-1957 Mary Hatton
Walters, Ruby Laura 04-Aug-1890 16-Mar-1969  
Walton, James Junior 20-Sep-1915 02-Oct-1963 Christina Palmer
Ward, Charles Randolph, Jr. 20-Apr-1926 22-Apr-1969 Christina Palmer
Warden, Bernice 31 Aug 1915 27 Aug 1969 Christina Palmer
Warren, Jeptha Anderson 02-May-1902 13-Nov-1956 Mary Hatton
Warren, Lissus Gene 23-Feb-1896 08-Jul-1952 Mary Hatton
Warrick, Thurman Earl  18-Apr-1925 19-Jun-1959 Mary Hatton
Watford, James Hillery 05 Aug 1878 11-Jan-1961 Mary Hatton
Watkins, Cynthia Myrtle 25-Feb-1899 28-Dec-1958 Mary Hatton
Watkins, Eliza A.  02-Jan-1886 18-Nov-1939 Mary Hatton
Watson, Clararice 10-Mar-1916 26-Aug-1956 Mary Hatton
Watson, T V 01-Mar-1911 26-Aug-1956 Mary Hatton
Weatherby, Onnie Gordon 21 Jan 1891 17-Feb-1959 Mary Hatton
Webb, Lemuel Lloyd 13-Nov-1910 16-Sep-1956 Mary Hatton
Wells, Pearl Florence 12 Sep 1888 11 May 1968 Christina Palmer
Westfall, William Cody 02-Feb-1886 03-Oct-1956 Mary Hatton
Westmoreland, Laura May 01 Dec 1891 01 Dec 1969 Christina Palmer
Wharton, John B.  08-Feb-1892 10-Jun-1955 Mary Hatton
Wheeler, Cecil Lee 15 Nov 1945 13 Oct 1969 Christina Palmer
Wheeler, Guy Brooks 21-Sep-1910 21-Jul-1955 Mary Hatton
Whisenant, Walter Eugene 12-May-1917 09-Nov-1955 Mary Hatton
Whitaker, Heuitte Eugene 20-Jan-1955 20-Mar-1955 Mary Hatton
White, Floyd Otho, Sr. 14 Jun 1898 29 Oct 1969 Christina Palmer
White, James Harvey, Sr.  31-Jan-1904 16-Nov-1960 Mary Hatton
White, Joseph Fanander 09 Mar 1883 14 Mar 1968 Christina Palmer
Whitehead, Doyle Wayne 25 Mar 1919 27 Sep 1969 Christina Palmer
Whitehead, Esta Lee 29 Jul 1904 26 Dec 1968 Christina Palmer
Whitehead, Isaac Ellard 20-Nov-1910 01-May-1961 Mary Hatton
Whitman, Chad Harold 13-Aug-1965 14-Aug-1965 Christina Palmer
Whitt, Lou Vannah 25 Nov 1914 21 Oct 1969 Christina Palmer
Wicker, Alice Fern 01-Feb-1958 02-Feb-1958 Mary Hatton
Wicker, Charles Alvis 01-Feb-1958 02-Feb-1958 Mary Hatton
Wilder, Annie E.  10-Jul-1861 21-Jan-1958 Mary Hatton
Willard, Annie Laura 05-Jun-1908 07-Sep-1958 Mary Hatton
Willett, Dennis Edwin 17-Jan-1951 18-Jan-1951 Mary Hatton
Williams, Ada Frances 20-Sep-1941 10-Sep-1942 Christina Palmer
Williams, Amos Dee 18-Oct-1919 02-Mar-1965 Christina Palmer
Williams, Andrew Jackson 08-Jan-1850 05-Mar-1941 Mary Hatton
Williams, Connie Ruth 14-Aug-1957 20-Oct-1957 Mary Hatton
Williams, Di Dammie 04-Feb-1870 12-Sep-1958 Mary Hatton
Williams, James Ferrell 01-Sep-1958 01-Sep-1958 Mary Hatton
Williams, John Terry 24-Dec-1952 06-Apr-1965 Mary Hatton
Williams, Lee Oliver 23-Jul-1898 29-Jun-1922 Mary Hatton
Williams, Mary Jane 24-Jul-1887 14-Jan-1965 Mary Hatton
Williams, Mary Neal 01-Sep-1928 25-Dec-1957 Mary Hatton
Williamson, Charlie Rufus 07 Nov 1878 26 Oct 1969 Christina Palmer
Williamson, Martha L.  18-Nov-1857 17-Sep-1938 Tim Williamson 
Wilson, Baby   22-Feb-1914 Mary Hatton
Wilson, Don Rrichard 07 Feb 1932 14 Sep 1969 Christina Palmer
Wilson, Hugh Tilman 22 Aug 1895   07 Jul 1968 Christina Palmer
Wilson, Maxine Fern 06-Mar-1927 10-Jun-1969 Christina Palmer
Wilson, Virgil Lloyd 23-Feb-1940 04-Mar-1940 Mary Hatton
Wilson, Wesley Inez 28-Apr-1929 28-Jul-1933 Mary Hatton
Wolfe, Edgar Albertus 04-Nov-1891 20-Nov-1956 Mary Hatton
Wood, Calvin Wayne (Disinterment) 08-Sep-1961 09-Sep-1961 Mary Hatton
Wood, Murray 28-Feb-1912 23-Jan-1958 Mary Hatton
Wood, Othel Morris 08-Jun-1915 15-Mar-1969 Christina Palmer
Wood, Roy Len 11-Feb-1919 23-Jun-1961 Christina Palmer
Wood, Zebb N. 03-Oct-1882 20-Sep-1941 Mary Hatton
Woodard, Mae Jimmie 29 Jan 1920 28 May 1968 Christina Palmer
Woods, William Harvey 21-Mar-1887 16-Mar-1954 Mary Hatton
Worley, James Thomas 1 Jun 1882 23-Dec-1949 Mary Hatton
Worthen, Terry Lee 01-Mar-1943 29-Jun-1951 Mary Hatton
Wren, Della Fay 08-Nov -1905 01-May-1969 Christina Palmer
Wright, Ernest Patton 26-Jan-1910 07-Jan-1961 Mary Hatton
Wright, Leonard 12-Jun-1908 23-Aug-1954 Mary Hatton
Wright, Myrtle Hazel 02 Jul 1888 06-Dec-1960 Mary Hatton



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