Archer County Confederate Pension list

Transcribed by: Christina Palmer

Claimant Name Application Number County Husband Husband's Application Number
Alexander, N. W. 10581 Archer    
Baggett, Jane 31643 Archer Baggett, Silas 30233
Baggett, Silas 30233 Archer    
Barnes, M. J. rej Archer    
Baughman, F. M. 00104 Archer    
Baxter, George 00098 Archer    
Beadle, Samuel Madison rej Archer    
Bell, A. J. 30612 Archer    
Blair, Jessamine M. 18817 Archer Blair, James Monroe  
Boughman, F. M. rej Missing Archer    
Boyd, Fannie 49974 Archer Boyd, John Allen  
Brock, J. F. rej Archer    
Bryan, Jacob Apples 23313 Archer    
Bryan, S. A. (Mrs) 39632 Archer Bryan, Jacob Apples 23313
Caperton, Reuben Scrivener 00103 Archer    
Chrestman, J. M. 17297 Archer    
Cleveland, Sarah P. 14600 Archer Cleveland, John Franklin  
Colgan, James 11337 Archer    
Collier, W. M. 00099 Archer    
Deel, John Washington 00101 Archer    
Dudley, Barbara D. 39997 Archer Dudley, Benjamin Franklin 14922
Faulkner, M. E. (Faukner) (Mrs) 41595 Archer Faulkner, William Mooney  
Fonville, L. O. 00100 Archer    
Garrard, Joseph William 27394 Archer    
Gatlin, Betsyan 31446 Archer Gatlin, Alonzo  
Goodwin, Caroline Malvina 46360 Archer Goodwin, Ensley James 21778
Goodwin, Ensley James 21778 Archer    
Gresham, M. 14601 Archer    
Hardin, N. L. (Mrs) rej Archer Hardin, Carroll  
Harris, M. A. (Mrs) 51884 Archer Harris, David Mimms  
Hudson, Thomas Leslie (Mrs) 39171 Archer Hudson, Thomas Leslie  
Johnson, John W. 26238 Archer    
Lamons, Hattie 33614 Archer Lamons, Thomas Jefferson 24092
Lamons, Thomas Jefferson 24092 Archer    
Lane, Sarah Ann 42952 Archer Lane, William Henry 26750
Lane, William Henry 26750 Archer    
Lea, Mary L. 33255 Archer Lea, James Horace  
Ledbetter, S. M. 27907 Archer    
Llewellyn, M. E. (Mrs) 51146 Archer Llewellyn, Alfred  
McCreary, M. S. (Mrs) 32821 Archer McCreary, William Melton  
Mobley, A. M. rej Archer    
Moorhead, Frances Ann 30298 Archer Moorhead, Samuel Sentell  
Murray, Sarah F. 06227 Archer Murray, Joseph  
Nesbitt, Louise 31457 Archer Nesbitt, George Washington  
Newkirk, James H. rej Archer    
Phillips, Ellen 32031 Archer Phillips, Meredith 13175
Pirtle, Martha E. 45086 Archer Pirtle, Thomas Ira 36089
Pirtle, Thomas Ira 36089 Archer    
Ramey, Letha Ann 25750 Archer Ramey, Bryant R.  
Rayborn, J. E. 00102 Archer    
Rodgers, Jesse T. 26363 Archer    
Rushing, Hiram Moss 38769 Archer    
Shelton, Jacob Napoleon 35035 Archer    
Shelton, Jacob Napoleon (Mrs) 42313 Archer Shelton, Jacob Napoleon 35035
Sherrill, Alice rej Archer Sherrill, James Thomas 30718
Sparks, U. J. rej Archer    
Stinnett, James 23779 Archer    
Tankersley, William Travis 19749 Archer    
Taylor, James M. 34183 Archer    
Thompson, Martha J. 25406 Archer Thompson, William  
Venable, Peyton Smith rej Archer    
Watts, Elizabeth F. 27979 Archer Watts, William Chilton  
Weaver, William 31303 Archer    
Wheeler, E. J. (Mrs) 37276 Archer Wheeler, Erastus B.  
Wilson, Margaret Ann rej Archer Wilson, Charles McDuff  
Wilson, Martha 28490 Archer Wilson, John  
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