Fisher County Death Records


            Name                Date      Sex    Marital Status
Almanza, Petra Ybarra        11-17-1965    F    Single
Arp, Harriet Elizabeth        5-28-1965    F    Single
Bailey, Archie A             11-30-1965    M    Single
Bailey, Jerry Max            12-10-1965    M    Single
Baillio, Herman Cassium       2-18-1965    M    Single
Baker, Topsy Lorene           7-22-1965    F    Single
Barrera, Candelario            2-8-1965    M    Married
Beauchamp, Jasper Vastine     12-2-1965    M    Widowed
Beavers, Jess C              10-22-1965    M    Widowed
Berry, Hattie                 2-21-1965    F    Widowed
Berry, Louis F                 2-3-1965    M    Single
Butler, Holly Edward           4-3-1965    M    Single
Cade, Cal Hoone               3-21-1965    M    Widowed
Cross, Laura Josephine        8-25-1965    F    Single
Darden, George Edward        10-16-1965    M    Single
Davis, Ada                     4-7-1965    F    Single
Elmore, Nannie Mae            2-14-1965    F    Single
Ewell, Mary Ellen             9-27-1965    F    Widowed
Fields, Gertude              12-18-1965    F    Widowed
Fillingim, Alice Lonelle       9-9-1965    F    Single
Gray, Ida Belle               3-22-1965    F    Widowed
Green, Louetta Lampkins       7-25-1965    F    Widowed
Green, William Edgar         10-25-1965    M    Widowed
Hammit, Landon Radell        11-27-1965    M    Married
Harris, Luther Behring         9-4-1965    M    Single
Harrison, Georgia Edith       4-26-1965    F    Widowed
Harrison, Jessie Pearl       10-29-1965    F    Widowed
Harrison, John William        2-16-1965    M    Single
Hawkins, Oscar                4-21-1965    M    Widowed
Head, John Harrison           8-23-1965    M    Single
Headstream, Ralph H           4-13-1965    M    Single
Herrera, Antonio G           11-29-1965    M    Single
Hill, Thomas Ephrian          9-12-1965    M    Widowed
Howard, Mary Elliott         12-19-1965    F    Married
Hull, John Layfett            4-20-1965    M    Single
Kelley, James                12-10-1965    M    Single
Kingsfield, Artie Ward        2-21-1965    M    Single
Knight, Rebecca Fair          7-12-1965    F    Widowed
Lewis, James Norman           2-14-1965    M    Widowed
Markham, Lillie Mae           7-17-1965    F    Single
Matthies, Albert Karl         9-17-1965    M    Single
Mccombs, Maggie Luttrell      7-26-1965    F    Single
Medrano, Ricky Ray            6-20-1965    M    Married
Melton, Henry Clay             9-2-1965    M    Widowed
Moore, Clara C                 2-8-1965    F    Widowed
Morgan, Robert Alexander      2-19-1965    M    Widowed
Peters, Fannie Estelle        5-10-1965    F    Widowed
Petty, Dora                   2-24-1965    F    Widowed
Pilcher, Ella                 7-27-1965    F    Separ/Divorced
Price, Milton Miranda         8-26-1965    M    Widowed
Pursley, Annie H              9-10-1965    F    Widowed
Ragsdale, Raleigh S           12-7-1965    M    Single
Ramon, Jose Villa Jr          9-11-1965    M    Single
Ratliff, Odis Lee             8-19-1965    M    Single
Rector, Lavada               10-18-1965    F    Single
Reeves, Sarah Frances          2-2-1965    F    Widowed
Shelton, Henry Claude          8-5-1965    M    Single
Simmons, Norman Eliot        12-16-1965    M    Single
Strickland, Mark Westley       6-1-1965    M    Single
Upshaw, William Baines        5-18-1965    M    Single
Vineyard, Charles Henry       4-22-1965    M    Single
Waddell, Steve                3-22-1965    M    Widowed
Waldon, Robert Shelton        9-17-1965    M    Single
Webb, Roderick Waydell        5-27-1965    M    Single
Westbrook, Annie Ellis        3-11-1965    F    Widowed
Whitefield, Inzer             8-22-1965    M    Single
Wilson, Annie Jonah           4-20-1965    F    Widowed
Woods, Cecil M                8-24-1965    M    Widowed
Yanez, Patricia               1-14-1965    F    Married
Young, Martha Emma            2-10-1965    F    Widowed

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