Fisher County Death Records


                                Date of             Marital
    Name                          Death      Sex     Status

Almanza, Henrique S           11-Mar-1972     M    Married             
Bacot, Woodrow W              20-Aug-1972     M    Single              
Bruce, Mattie L               28-Apr-1972     F    Widowed             
Burnham, Oak R                12-Dec-1972     M    Widowed             
Cade, Dale O                  29-May-1972     M    Single              
Carriker, Alice A             14-Jan-1972     F    Widowed             
Carson, Vena V                02-Mar-1972     F    Single              
Castro, Richard M             25-Jan-1972     M    Married             
Cleveland, Donie P            26-Dec-1972     F    Widowed             
Conley, Kenneth D             17-Sep-1972     M    Single              
Costello, Jesse L             13-Oct-1972     M    Separ/divorced      
Criswell, John W              07-Jan-1972     M    Single              
Davis, Henry L                30-May-1972     M    Single              
Dowell, Arthur V              06-Jan-1972     M    Separ/divorced      
Early, Luther T               04-Jul-1972     M    Widowed             
Edwards, Willie E             14-Jun-1972     M    Single              
Flores, Hazle E               25-Aug-1972     F    Single              
Foy, Lewis H                  26-May-1972     M    Married             
Graham, Annie G               16-Jan-1972     F    Single              
Grametbaur, Raymond E, SR     25-Aug-1972     M    Single              
Grice, Barbara N              25-Jul-1972     F    Married             
Hardin, Jesse C               09-Nov-1972     M    Single              
Hargrove, Ella M              16-Dec-1972     F    Widowed             
Harris, Benjamin E            17-Jul-1972     M    Married             
Harris, Edgar P, JR           15-Dec-1972     M    Separ/divorced      
Heleman, Joe L                11-Apr-1972     M    Single              
Henry, Hollis H               26-Jul-1972     M    Single              
Hicks, Charm D                01-Oct-1972     F    Single              
Hood, George F                02-Feb-1972     M    Widowed             
Ivy, Roxie A                  30-May-1972     F    Widowed             
Jackson, Ora K                28-Feb-1972     F    Widowed             
Jackson, Elsie M              14-Jun-1972     F    Single              
Jackson, Nettie L             14-Oct-1972     F    Widowed             
Johnson, John H               17-Oct-1972     M    Widowed             
Kennedy, Margaret R           17-Nov-1972     F    Single              
Leach, Lovel W                29-Nov-1972     M    Widowed             
Losolla, Juanita              10-Feb-1972     F    Widowed             
Mahaffey, James T, SR         21-Aug-1972     M    Single              
Martin, Robert T              02-Oct-1972     M    Single              
Mccollum, Elsie L             08-Mar-1972     F    Married             
Mccright, Iva L               23-Jan-1972     F    Widowed             
Mcdonald, Thelma G            23-Dec-1972     F    Single              
Mckimmey, Jane V              04-Sep-1972     F    Widowed             
Nash, Robert T                18-Nov-1972     M    Single              
Pell, Mollie L                01-May-1972     F    Single              
Polk, James K                 27-Sep-1972     M    Married             
Price, Jessie J               02-Mar-1972     F    Widowed             
Puryear, Hassie R             24-Sep-1972     M    Single              
Reese, Dee                    29-Apr-1972     M    Single              
Rivers, Archie M              20-May-1972     M    Single              
Sears, Ella                   16-Dec-1972     F    Widowed             
Shreve, Addie L               26-Jan-1972     F    Widowed             
Simpson, James C              17-Dec-1972     M    Widowed             
Smith, Ernest L               21-Jan-1972     M    Single              
Soliz, Guadalupe R            05-Jun-1972     F    Widowed             
Stephens, Vivian T            28-Feb-1972     F    Single              
Strange, James A              14-Oct-1972     M    Single              
Terry, Idellie H              06-Dec-1972     M    Widowed             
Thompson, Josephine M         24-Mar-1972     F    Widowed             
Wade, William B               19-Aug-1972     M    Single              
Wallace, Noah L               29-Apr-1972     M    Widowed             
Welch, George D               06-Mar-1972     M    Single              
White, Alfred M               02-Feb-1972     M    Single              
Williams, Kathy G             06-Nov-1972     F    Married             
Williams, Kathy G             06-Nov-1972     F    Married             
Wright, Frank W, SR           08-Sep-1972     M    Separ/divorced      
Wright, Jerry L               14-Oct-1972     M    Married             
Yandell, Eddie L              06-Jul-1972     F    Single              
York, Leola F                 31-Mar-1972     F    Single              

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