Fisher County Death Records


                                 Date of             
    Name                          Death      Sex     
Barnes, Avery L               23-Jun-1977     M                        
Bowen, Foy F                  20-May-1977     F                        
Brown, Mary A                 08-Jan-1977     F                        
Burk, Walter L                28-Aug-1977     M                        
Burrows, William A            21-Apr-1977     M                        
Busier, Lela M                26-Feb-1977     F                        
Butler, Mary D                30-Apr-1977     F                        
Cave, Emmett                  21-Aug-1977     M                        
Chedester, Everett E          07-Jul-1977     M                        
Clark, Lorene A               13-Jul-1977     F                        
Corhn, Nelle V                31-Jul-1977     F                        
Crawford, Eula M              18-Jul-1977     F                        
Cross, William A              17-Apr-1977     M                        
Dawkins, Roberta M            28-Oct-1977     F                        
Dean, Ova L                   03-May-1977     F                        
Denton, Janie R               26-Aug-1977     F                        
Dodds, Rayford M              01-May-1977     M                        
Edwards, Julian C             02-Sep-1977     M                        
Elam, Wilmerith E             20-May-1977     F                        
Fairey, Marion A              20-Jul-1977     M                        
Flores, Leon G                16-Jan-1977     M                        
Gililland, Grace H            05-Feb-1977     F                        
Henry, Rollie R               17-Nov-1977     M                        
Henson, Roxanna E             24-Jun-1977     F                        
Holland, Augustus J           12-Sep-1977     M                        
Hopp, Otto E                  29-Jul-1977     M                        
Houghton, Joseph T            06-Sep-1977     M                        
Hughey, William A             09-Nov-1977     M                        
Johnson, William T            29-May-1977     M                        
Jones, Arther M               11-Sep-1977     M                        
Jones, Octavia                04-Oct-1977     F                        
Kinsey, Mary R                07-Jun-1977     F                        
Lewis, Jessie H               12-Sep-1977     M                        
Mccall, Jessie R              26-May-1977     F                        
Mcclure, Peter M              27-Nov-1977     M                        
Mckinney, Henry C             11-Jan-1977     M                        
Mcwhirter, Willia M           06-Jul-1977     F                        
Miller, Shella E              13-Mar-1977     F                        
Moore, Thomas H               14-Jan-1977     M                        
Neely, Albert L               22-Dec-1977     M                        
Newton, Mabel E               17-Oct-1977     F                        
Nowlin, Ornie R               14-Jan-1977     M                        
Phillips, Edwin S             18-Aug-1977     M                        
Posey, Fant L                 15-Jan-1977     M                        
Ramon, Jose                   26-Aug-1977     M                        
Reidenbach, Mae               10-Oct-1977     F                        
Reyna, Frank                  25-Feb-1977     M                        
Robertson, Minnie E           01-Aug-1977     F                        
Rodgers, Georgia A            01-Aug-1977     F                        
Rodriquez, Rafaela            04-Mar-1977     F                        
Rogers, Hughie G              04-Jul-1977     M                        
Russell, Kevin R              09-Mar-1977     M                        
Seaton, Elizabeth A           07-Feb-1977     F                        
Shipp, Vollie                 30-Aug-1977     M                        
Singley, Anna A               04-Feb-1977     F                        
Smith, Roy L                  21-Aug-1977     M                        
Snapp, John D                 22-Apr-1977     M                        
Thompson, Judson H            07-Feb-1977     M                        
Turner, Alvin D               16-Sep-1977     M                        
Valdez, Carrie                13-Feb-1977     F                        
Vernon, Pearl                 10-Jan-1977     F                        
Webb, Lot Z                   14-Jan-1977     M                        
White, Arvin R                29-Nov-1977     M                        
Whitehead, Maggie W           08-Sep-1977     F                        
Yeats, Emmett L               03-Dec-1977     M        

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