Fisher County Death Records


                                 Date of             
    Name                          Death      Sex     
Ammons, Ralph Lilburn         10-Nov-1980     M                        
Archer, Gary Richard          05-Dec-1980     M                        
Bettis, Hiram Calvin          29-Dec-1980     M                        
Birdsong, Robert Iradell      31-Oct-1980     M                        
Brice, Mary Elizabeth         26-Oct-1980     F                        
Cave, Ted Stanley             23-Feb-1980     M                        
Clegg, Eunice Manita          14-Nov-1980     F                        
Cochran, Jesse Houston        02-Apr-1980     M                        
Coker, Ruth Mae               10-Mar-1980     F                        
Dickens, John Henry           24-Oct-1980     M                        
Elrod, Willie Daniel          24-Feb-1980     M                        
Fountain, Fred Lee            01-Oct-1980     M                        
Frazier, Robert Vernon        05-Mar-1980     M                        
Gongora, Johnny Cruces        24-Aug-1980     M                        
Green, Agnes May              09-Apr-1980     F                        
Gruben, Henry J               07-Aug-1980     M                        
Hariman, Bettie Elizabeth     29-Dec-1980     F                        
Huckaby, Carrie Myrtle        08-Feb-1980     F                        
Hughs, Buck Titus             05-Oct-1980     M                        
Ivey, Anna Dean               29-Dec-1980     F                        
Jones, Callie Donia           01-Sep-1980     F                        
King, Harry Tracy             26-Mar-1980     M                        
Knight, Annie Louise          07-May-1980     F                        
Linued, Richard               18-Aug-1980     M                        
Martin, Stella Mae            21-May-1980     F                        
Martin, Bessie Lee            28-Nov-1980     F                        
Mccombs, James Leslie         22-Oct-1980     M                        
Minshew, Finis                28-Oct-1980     M                        
Nowlin, Ruby Louise           02-Sep-1980     F                        
Owen, Annie Lorina            01-Jan-1980     F                        
Rackley, Yvonne               20-May-1980     F                        
Reed, Josephine               09-Dec-1980     F                        
Robinson, Lizzie Mae          02-Aug-1980     F                        
Robinson, Jimmie Dale         24-Dec-1980     M                        
Rucker, Allie Lee             25-Dec-1980     F                        
Schick, Frederick Godfrey     01-Aug-1980     M                        
Shook, Etta Ozelle            26-Jun-1980     F                        
Smith, Ruth Vandella          30-Mar-1980     F                        
Smith, Lillie Mae             01-Jul-1980     F                        
Sparks, Adron Oral            18-Sep-1980     M                        
Stewart, Mary Dovie           18-Nov-1980     F                        
Van Liew, Henry Ogden         06-Jan-1980     M                        
Vaughan, Era Mattie           15-Aug-1980     F                        
Welch, Terry Keith            05-Dec-1980     M                        

Information in this database comes from the Texas Department of Health.
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