This information came from the Texas State Electronic Library , which is a good place to check for Texas information.  The Home Page has good, concise instructions for navigating the areas, and the results are worth the trip.

The pension applications contain a great deal of family information, such as how long in the state, where born, when married, and in some cases, the witnesses will usually be relatives.  As I say they are worth the trip.  The site will provide ordering instructions, and from experience, the information is sent before you forget you have ordered it.  I have found a great deal of missing data in my research from the applications.

132 records found

Claimant Name Application Number County Husband Husband's Application Number
Adair, Blanche 51873 Fisher Adair, James K. 51242
Adair, James K. 51242 Fisher
Alford, James F. rej Fisher
Allen, M. S. (Mrs) 31242 Fisher Allen, Henry Cyrus
Anderson, Martha M. 38258 Fisher Anderson, Vachel Hobbs 18951
Anderson, Vachel Hobbs 18951 Fisher
Bacot, Francis Josephine 37085 Fisher Bacot, William Calhoun 34450
Bacot, William Calhoun 34450 Fisher
Bailiff, W. R. 21639 Fisher
Barron, Etta 49697 Fisher Barron, Sam 33818
Barron, Sam 33818 Fisher
Bennett, Mary Lillian 49093 Fisher Bennett, Armon Capers
Bone, Sarah J. 11909 Fisher Bone, Thomas J.
Bonner, Mary Elizabeth rej Fisher Bonner, Newsome Sallee
Bradbury, Mary E. 17661 Fisher Bradbury, Aaron G.
Brantley, Thomas 5978 Fisher
Brown, Aurora R. 48018 Fisher Brown, Isaac Neely
Brown, J. S. 5977 Fisher
Brown, Peter R. rej Fisher
Carter, Jane Ann Newland 7201 Fisher Carter, Samuel H.
Casey, Elva A. 50155 Fisher Casey, David Newton
Cave, A. J. (Mrs) 49835 Fisher Cave, Hiram David
Chapman, W. A. 23054 Fisher
Clark, John Lewis 27407 Fisher
Coggin, J. R. 10080 Fisher
Coker, William Thomas 25512 Fisher
Cooper, Albert James 21701 Fisher
Cooper, M. E. (Mrs) 35567 Fisher Cooper, Albert James 21701
Cosper, Martha Elizabeth 21225 Fisher Cosper, Proccer Charles Clements 11020
Crow, Florence 45817 Fisher Crow, David Ile 29194
Davidson, Alfred Morris 27219 Fisher
Davidson, M. E. (Mrs) 33670 Fisher Davidson, Alfred Morris 27219
Davis, D. R. 30047 Fisher
Dean, Francis Jane 25842 Fisher Dean, Wiley
Dickey, Barkley Martin 21718 Fisher
Dickey, S. J. (Mrs) 38324 Fisher Dickey, Barkley Martin 21718
Driver, M. J. (Mrs) 27335 Fisher Driver, Joel Yantis
Farmer, Maggie 41909 Fisher Farmer, William Berry 26943
Floyd, William E. 24041 Fisher
Frazier, Patrick Taylor 38373 Fisher
Freeman, William Martin 36802 Fisher
Garland, Thomas Kimber rej Fisher
Gordon, Mollie 29566 Fisher Gordon, Alexander
Gray, Amy Ann 33193 Fisher Gray, James Madison 25633
Gray, James Madison 25633 Fisher
Grigsby, S. H. (Mrs) 39748 Fisher Grigsby, James Madison
Gwyn, H. F. rej Fisher
Hall, Parthenia 20182 Fisher Hall, William Preston 11910
Hall, William Preston 11910 Fisher
Hardeman, Lettie J. 37690 Fisher Hardeman, John Eleazer
Hargrove, B. F. 9215 Fisher
Hennington, William G. 2747 Fisher
Henry, Susan Allen 34722 Fisher Henry, Isaac Perry
Henson, John Stephen 22805 Fisher
Henson, John Stephen (Mrs) 37054 Fisher Henson, John Stephen 22805
Hill, Jesse E. rej Fisher
Hines, P. A. (Mrs) 37623 Fisher Hines, William Russell
Holden, Isaac Calloway 24727 Fisher
House, James 29649 Fisher
House, James (Mrs) 40819 Fisher House, James 29649
Howell, Elizabeth rej Fisher Howell, William David
Hubbard, William Thompson 11445 Fisher
Hughes, Mary E. 49431 Fisher Hughes, Robert Newton
Hughes, Robert Newton rej Fisher
Hunt, Henrietta J. 49735 Fisher Hunt, Felix P.
Johnson, Alice Luella 51475 Fisher Johnson, William Henry 45119
Johnson, B. H. 26415 Fisher
Johnson, Minnie Ada 49223 Fisher Johnson, Robert White 32999
Johnson, Robert White 32999 Fisher
Johnson, William Henry 45119 Fisher
Johnston, J. T. 27408 Fisher
Joyce, Robert Franklin 22313 Fisher
Kelly, Allen P. 45560 Fisher
Kelly, John C. 23645 Fisher
Kisby, William H. 12360 Fisher
Knight, Mattie S. 46252 Fisher Knight, John Otey
Lain, Leroy Wilkins 12837 Fisher
Lane, Mary Emma rej Fisher Lane, Leroy Wilcus
Langham, E. J. (Mrs) 36347 Fisher Langham, Arnold 29398
Lear, Nancy Alice 49018 Fisher Lear, Francis Frederick
Leonard, Nannie 45193 Fisher Leonard, Lemuel Jackson
Luttrell, Catherene rej Fisher Luttrell, Jacob G.
Lyons, Bettie Elizabeth Miller 46566 Fisher Miller, William Caswell
Lytle, Susanah A. 26329 Fisher Lytle, William Thomas 23742
Mason, William Jasper (Mrs) 50956 Fisher Mason, William Jasper
Masters, Mary 43220 Fisher Masters, William 28096
Masters, William 28096 Fisher
McCrary, T. W. 43278 Fisher
McDonnell, David 34430 Fisher
McDonnell, Eviline 39495 Fisher McDonnell, David 34430
Miller, James F. 21290 Fisher
Miller, Julius A. 17660 Fisher
Mitchell, Mary Jane rej Fisher Mitchell, William L.
Montgomery, Joseph Haynes 26303 Fisher
Montgomery, M. L. (Mrs) rej Fisher Montgomery, Joseph Haynes 26303
Moore, Allen Jackson 40164 Fisher
Moore, Charlotte 8302 Fisher Moore, John F.
Morgan, Nancy A. 25741 Fisher Morgan, George Washington
Morris, Henry W. 14222 Fisher
Neel, Clara C. 20869 Fisher Neel, William M.
Neely, Charles Robert 49907 Fisher
Nichols, Robert Benjamin Hamilton 13806 Fisher
Nichols, Sallie 20197 Fisher Nichols, Robert Benjamin Hamilton 13806
Odom, J. W. 31472 Fisher
Parker, Logan 30374 Fisher
Phillips, Fannie 46238 Fisher Phillips, James Edward
Polk, James K. rej Fisher
Porter, Thomas Alexander 20524 Fisher
Price, Mary Ann 20527 Fisher Price, Samuel Thomas
Rainey, Sophie 33464 Fisher Rainey, Thomas Firth 20498
Rainey, Thomas Firth 20498 Fisher
Ratliff, M. L. (Mrs) 30331 Fisher Ratliff, Jacob Anderson 10926
Redus, Addie C. 50291 Fisher Redus, Samuel G.
Redus, Samuel G. rej Fisher
Rinker, A. F. rej Fisher
Sellers, W. A. 33903 Fisher
Sisco, James Jackson 13307 Fisher
Smith, Elisha Jerald 12838 Fisher
Spivey, Calvin Asbury 14223 Fisher
Spivey, Liddy 49376 Fisher Spivey, Calvin Asbury 14223
Stark, Pressley S. 15153 Fisher
Stewart, Sarah A. 18693 Fisher Stewart, Robert F.
Tankersley, Elizabeth L. 7817 Fisher Tankersley, James A.
Tisdale, Gracie A. S. 17662 Fisher Tisdale, Thomas B.
Veale, Dora Henry rej Fisher Veale, Christopher Columbus 18732
Waldrip, William R. 17659 Fisher
Walker, Catherine 39676 Fisher Walker, John Noble 22489
Wallace, Washington S. 11214 Fisher
Wilkes, Lucy 15154 Fisher Wilkes, Thomas J.
Wilkison, O. T. 33637 Fisher
Wilson, Milton T. 22156 Fisher
Winchester, W. O. 24929 Fisher

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