Fairview Cemetery

Names that start with "H"

Partial Survey

Contributed by: Michelle White


Name Date of birth Date of Death Comments
Harper, Cody Anthony   29-Jul-1988  
Harris, Authula Johnson 24-May-1920 04-May-2007  
Harris, James Truman 03-Apr-1916 22-Jan-1981 MSGT US Army World War II
Hart, Lois P. 1913 1997  
Hart, Olen C.  1908 1975  
Harvey, Delpha Jewel 21-Aug-1897 13-Jan-1986 Beloved Mother
Harvey, Edgar Bryce 1914 1945  
Harvey, James Abrams 11-Aug-1892 10-Jun-1964 Father
Hawkinson, Steven Bruce   19-Feb-1947  
Hawthorn, Danie Faye 19-Sep-1910 20-Nov-1994 Beloved Wife & Mother
Hawthorn, Ray Dennis 02-Jul-1916 26-Aug-1994 CPL US Army World War II
Heard, Alberta C. 14-May-1918 16-Nov-2000  
Heard, Allen C. 31-Oct-1914 11-Nov-1999  
Heard, Earline McElroy 25-Oct-1911 23-Feb-1983 Mother
Heard, Lee Nichols 10-Jul-1905 15-Oct-1991 Father
Henderson, Deborah Louise 20-Aug-1952 20-Aug-1952  
Henley, Evelyn M.  14-May-1922 29-May-2004 **Death date not listed
Henley, J.W. 19-Oct-1922 16-Apr-1991  
Henley, T.L. 24-Feb-1915 01-May-1996  
Hernandez, Brianna P.   28-Apr-1998  
Hernandez, Carmen 05-Aug-1993 05-Aug-1993  
Hight, Jynell  09-Mar-1923 04-Jun-1989  
Hill, "Jeannie" Clara Jean 14-May-1945 05-Dec-1945  
Hill, Earl Joseph 21-Oct-1907 23-Apr-1984  
Hill, Mollie Lora 22-Feb-1906 05-Nov-1985  
Hoeckendorf, Jay Michael - 23-Mar-1969  
Hoeckendorf, Omera L. 1921 -  
Hoeckendorf, Williard A 1915 1951  
Holley, William - 16-Jul-1999  
Holly, Beau Shawn 04-Aug-1969 20-Jun-1972  
Holster, David, Earl 19-Sep-1894 24-Mar-1940  
Hooks, W.G. 1876 1917  
Hooper, Oneta McNeese 16-Jul-1923 26-Jul-2002 Loving Mother and Grandmother
Houston, Aileen 1921 1931  
Houston, Feltie M 1895 1987  
Houston, Joe W. 1895 1977  
Houston, Lonnie 1921 1921  
Howe, Fred Don 25-Mar-1884 05-Jan-1978  
Howe, Lilly M.  02-Aug-1888 27-Jun-1960  
Hoyle, Manervia 18-Jul-1907 23-Jun-1984  
Hudson, Cera Jynelle 30-Oct-1990 30-Oct-1990  
Huffman, Donald Gene 30-Oct-1931 11-Sep-1978  
Hulholland, C.O 1853 1950  
Hull, Judson G.  10-Oct-1912 18-Aug-1978  
Humble, Mary Alice 1886 1974  
Hunter, Forest 1884 1958  
Hunter, Jessie Ruth 1896 1985  
Hurd, Josephine 1904 1996  
Hutchison, David Bryant 31-Aug-1962 20-Jan-1966  
Hyatt, John S.  29-Aug-1839 05-Jun-1923 Georgia 2nd Lt CO A 65 REGT INF
Confederate States Army
Hyatt, Mary C.  23-Sep-1853 01-Jan-1925 Mother


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