Fairview Cemetery

Names that start with "A"

Partial Survey

Contributed by: Michelle White


Name Date of birth Date of Death Comments
Adams, Clara B.  01-Oct-1912 29-Dec-2005  
Adams, Eddie W.  01-Oct-1902 16-Dec-1965  
Adams, Therman H. 20-Sep-1909 02-Mar-1947 Daddy
Allen, Annie Ethel 23-Apr-1876 04-Jan-1979  
Allen, Chas. T. 29-Sep-1875 29-Apr-1967 Masonic Marker
Allen, Laura Lee 05-Jan-1884 12-Nov-1956  
Allen, Lula Mae 05-Feb-1885 02-Dec-1918  
Allen, Lula Mae 02-Dec-1918 11-Dec-1918 Daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Chas. T. Allen
Allen, Minnie Ann 1875 1959  Also See
Allen, Tilman 22-Feb-1914 10-May-1981  
Allen, W.M. 1862 1938 Also See
Allen, W.T. "Mike 24-Oct-1911 28-Jan-1973  
Alvarez, Baby Boy 12-Sep-1986 12-Sep-1986  
Andrade, Mark Anthony 05-Apr-1991 19-Apr-1991  
Armstrong, Evey I.  1909 1954  
Arnold, Tyler Ray 07-Jan-1997 07-Jan-1997  
Arsiaga, George, Jr.  28-Jun-1948 *****  
Arsiaga, Guadalupe 12-Aug-1948 18-Mar-1996 Married 3-18-1968
Arsiaga, Juana R.  26-Jun-1930 20-Apr-2002  
Arsiaga, Mikayla Lea   11-Jun-2007  
Atchison, John Tella 08-Sep-1917 11-May-2006 Vet of World War II
Atchison, Manie Carol 11-Jan-1917 25-Jan-1951  
Augustine, Elizabeth - -  
Avary, Baby Girl - 16-Jul-1986  
Avena, Christian Grace 16-Oct-2001 24-Nov-2001 Thomas Funeral Home
Avery, Ruth 24-Feb-1907 20-Apr-1985  


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