Fairview Cemetery

Names that start with "C"

Partial Survey

Contributed by: Michelle White


Name Date of birth Date of Death Comments
Caffey, Archie L.  1905 1963  
Caffey, J. Grady 1909 1928  
Caffey, Odella E.  1880 1962  
Caffey, Sam L.  1878 1957 Father
Campbell, Dorothy F. 01-Jan-1940 03-May-1988  
Canelos, Baby Boy   19-Jun-1987  
Carke, Robert Lionel 05-Aug-1914 01-Mar-1982 LCDR US Navy World War II
Married 05-Feb-1938
Carter, Michelle D.  1967 2003 Mother of Bobby Knox Beck
Carter, Robert V.  07-Jan-1945 07-Mar-1997  
Cary, Eula Brookshire 1898 1968  
Castor, Maritza V.   1990 1991  
Caughey, Viola A.  1874 1947  
Cayce, Ben W.  30-Nov-1915   Husband of Eunice P. Cayce
Married 26-Oct-1972
Cayce, Eunice P. 01-Jun-1918 16-Aug-1998 Husband of Ben W. Cayce
Married 26-Oct-1972
Chavez, Noel 05-Oct-1996 26-Mar-1997  
Cherryhomes, Evelyn Hall 1914 2007 **Not listed: Birth 11-Aug-1914/Death 19 Dec 2007
Cherryhomes, I.B. 1911 1980  
Cheshire, Herbert David 17-Dec-1946 19-Dec-1946  
Chilinguis, Paul Cardenas M. 20-Apr-1984 22-Jun-1986  
Choate, Sarah Rogers 1871 1938  
Clark, Kathryn J. 25-Oct-1960 17-Nov-1999  
Clarke, Dura M.  23-Oct-1911 10-Jan-2005 Married 05-Feb-1938
Clarke, Edward Lionel 21-Nov-1940 19-Feb-2002 US Navy Vietnam
Coats, Infant Son & Daughter   28-Mar-1961 Infant Son & Daughter
of Marris and Carroll Coats
Coldiron, Brady Wayne 1973 1973  
Coldiron, Teresa Elaine 1971 1971  
Coleman, D.L. 16-Jan-1915 15-Aug-1994 SGT US Army World War II
Married 16-Aug-1938
Coleman, Hettie Marie 12-Oct-1916   Married 16-Aug-1938
Collins, Alford L. 23-Nov-1919 10-May-1971  
Collins, Charles A. "Punkin" 1944 1973  
Collins, Hallie Rhea Jowell 24-Jul-1900 15-Jan-1985 Daughter of Mary Kate Holt and Spencer Jowell
Collins, J'Zyrieyn Sincere - 26-Oct-2007 Thomas Funeral Home
Collins, Maxil Jean 10-Jul-1941 18-Jan-1941  
Collins, Radonna V.  23-Jan-1969 07-Jan-1998  
Collins, Robert Oron 03-Jan-1901 23-Sep-1976 Son of LaVada Hammack and James Deyton Collins
Constanzo, Kathaleen K. 20-Feb-1994 01-Jan-1995  
Coots, Shirley Ann 09-Jan-1972 10-Jan-1972  
Cortez, Benjamin Wyatt 28-Jan-2000 29-Jan-2000  
Cortez, Joshua David - 31-Jan-1998  
Cortez, Micah Landon 29-Jan-2000 29-Jan-2000  
Cowden, James Franklin 11-May-1919 14-Oct-2006  
Crabb, Julia Elizabeth  04-Oct-1884 21-May-1966 Mother
Crabb, Robert H. 28-Mar-1920 25-Nov-1993 US Army
Crabtree, Grace Polly 07-Nov-1902 06-Jan-1982  
Crabtree, Rona Bell 23-Oct-1912 13-Mar-1993 1st LT US Army World War II
Crayton, Mary Wilma "Snooks" 04-Aug-1911 02-Jun-1997  
Crayton, William W.  03-Feb-1899 13-Jul-1968 Texas CPL 976 Bomb TNG SQ AAF
World War II
Crowder, Damita June 20-Jun-1963 22-Nov-1970 Daughter
Cruse, Mary Rebecca 1944 1942  
Cunniingham, Ronnie P. 17-Jul-1932 10-Oct-2001  
Cunningham, Kelsey Dawn 05-Aug-1992 03-Nov-1992  
Currie, Henry Gene 23-Nov-1927 02-Feb-1928  
Currie, Henry Gene 23-Nov-1927 02-Feb-1928  


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