Fairview Cemetery

Names that start with "E-F"

Name Date of birth Date of Death Comments
Edwards, Callie Jowell 27-Sep-1877 10-May-1944  
Edwards, Charles, Jr. 10-Jun-1911 04-Jun-1955  
Edwards, Charles 09-Feb-1880 26-Jun-1934  
Edwards, Charles Wesley 1912 1969  
Edwards, John H. 1883 1943  
Edwards, Laura 30-Sep-1890 08-Jan-1966  
Edwards, Mary Lou 21-Jun-1909 03-Nov-1919  
Edwards, Mary T. 1851 1922  
Edwards, Mayme Harris 1884 1944  
Edwards, Nina 31-Dec-1904 21-Apr-1905 Daughter of C & C Edwards
Edwards, Oran 1885 1918  
Edwards, Wesley 08-Dec-1876 06-May-1951  
Edwards, West 1836 1906  
Edwards, Willie 11-Nov-1903 16-Jul-1904 Daughter of C & C Edwards
Elizondo, Marissa Ann 17-Jan-1997 17-Jul-1997  
Ellis, DeQuane D.  13-Apr-1988 13-Dec-1993  
Embry, Oregon S. 1854 1941 Mother
Embry, Thomas W. 1861 1945 Father
English, James Marvin 1906 1948  
Esparza, Amando, IV   07-Jan-1995  
Estes, Archie C.  15-Mar-1909 20-Jun-1969 Texas SGT Army Air Forces
World War II
Estes, Dagma Mayes 17-Nov-1914 25-Mar-1971 Texas 2nd Lieutenant
Army Nurse Corps World War II
Eubanks, Charles Thomas 30-Sep-1918 06-Dec-1954  
Evans, Elina Faye 1924 1970  
Evans, Felix 1923    
Ezell, Baby   30-Nov-1962  
Fanska, Nicholas 06-Mar-1995 16-Mar-1996  
Farmer, Hope 06-Oct-2001 06-Oct-2001 Infant Daughter of Russell & Sarah 
Farnsworth Beulah E 1885 -  
Farnsworth, Ralph E. 1890 1967  
Farris, Clarence G.  08-Jan-1897 29-Jan-1984 US Army World War I
Farris, Essie M. 02-Dec-1900 11-Dec-1991  
Fith, ,Willie Thelma 01-Sep-1908 19-Apr-1989  
Fleming, Joe B.  1903 1971  
Flood, Dora 1860 1944 Mother
Flood, P.H. 12-Jun-1885 07-Mar-1925  
Flood, T.R. 07-Feb-1853 07-Jul-1913  
Flood, Terraence 07-Feb-1855 07-Jul-1913 PVT CO A Waul's Texas Legion CSA
Flores, Fabian 20-Jan-1931 05-Feb-2006 No Marker- FH Marker
Flores, Leonora L.  26-Sep-1934 07-Apr-1988  
Floyd, Amanda Joy 08-Feb-1980 06-May-1982  
Fly, Dorothy D. 29-Dec-1927 13-Jan-1988  
Forest, Mary   22-Aug-1971  
French, John Howard 10-Apr-1942 26-May-1966 Father
French, John Howard, Jr. 14-Jan-1964 16-Jan-1964 Son
Friday, Paul Stanley 21-Oct-1991 10-Nov-1992  
Frix, Alicia Megan 25-Dec-1980 28-Jul-1998  


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