Fairview Cemetery

Names that start with "N-O"

Partial Survey

Contributed by: Michelle White


Name Date of birth Date of Death Comments Photo
Nance, Athalene Regina 27-Nov-1915 17-Mar-1983 Also see 2920-2923
Nance, Lena Cloteal 06-Jan-1910 26-Aug-1969 Also See 2920-2922
Nance, Raymond Bennett 07-Sep-1914 10-May-1987 Also See 2920-2921
Natera, Claudia 13-Oct-1990 13-Mar-1991   2959
Natividad-Mancha, Desiree Renee 15-Jul-1999 15-Jul-1999   3051
Navarrete, Kazy Spencer 02-Dec-1997 23-Dec-1997   3046
Neitsch, Farrie 09-Apr-4917 11-Sep-2006 Also See 8585-8586
Neitsch, Leroy 01-Apr-1918 03-Mar-1991   8585
Nerditte, Emily Dawn Carter 28-Mar-1995 10-Jan-1996   3054
Niblett, Alfred, III 07-Dec-1969 30-Nov-1982 Son 8617
Nicholson, Margaret 26-Apr-1915 18-Feb-1974   2664
Nokes, James Patrick 03-Feb-1979 03-Feb-1979   2989
Norris, Roxie Rowena  25-Jun-1905 25-Oct-1918 Daughter of Tom & Ella Norris 2685
Norwood, Walter D.  30-Oct-1878 01-Jul-1920   3172
Ochoa, Joe D.  07-Apr-1911 01-Dec-2001 Father 2869
Olliff, Father 1864 1944    
Olliff, Mother 1875 1955    
Owens, Margaret Joe 01-Aug-1982 03-Aug-1982   2978


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