Fairview Cemetery

Names that start with "P-Q"

Partial Survey

Contributed by: Michelle White


Name Date of birth Date of Death Comments
Palmer, Carlos 14-May-2000 23-Aug-2000  
Parr, Clifford Addison 08-Jan-1909 17-Apr-1979  
Parrm Irene Smith 28-Jul-1912 15-Sep-2007  
Paum, Angelina Marie   02-Aug-1999 Daughter of Tosha and William
Payne, Erle 25-Aug-1892 24-Mar-1958  
Payne, John Edward 22-Oct-1884 01-Jun-1969 Father
Payne, Reita 07-Nov-1893 17-Dec-1985  
Pearlhart, Lois 1913 1997  
Pearson, Sasalia "Sissy" 29-May-1963 17-May-1988 Beloved Mother & Daughter
Perkins, De Ontravian 01-Aug-1999 09-Aug-1999  
Perkins, Lindsey Renee   04-Sep-1996  
Perry, Mary Ella 18-May-1854 29-Aug-1906  
Phelps, Blanche M. 24-Nov-1903 24-Jul-1956  
Pinkston, Jerry Neal 1941 1945  
Pirtle, Bessie M. 29-Mar-1910 27-Feb-1996  
Pirtle, Preston 10-Dec-1900 18-Sep-1976  
Pope, Ingrid Amelia 27-Oct-1976 30-Oct-1984  
Porter, Raymond Beauford 26-Mar-1919 09-Jan-1987  
Posey, Lois Prendergast 17-Jan-1879 26-Feb-1910 "The Daughter"; Also See
Potter, Baby Feb-1913 Feb-1913  
Potter, Gary Lynn 22-Aug-1962 31-Aug-1962  
Potter, Hattie May 01-Jul-1876 01-Apr-1907  
Potter, Joseph 09-Sep-1859 06-Nov-1923 Son of W.H. & Mary Potter
Potter, Mary Jane 20-Jan-1905 14-Aug-1933 Daughter of J.H. & M.J. Potter; Also See
Potter, Mrs. Mary E.  29-Apr-1833 24-Feb-1904 Also See
Potter, Terry Lee 22-Aug-1962 22-Aug-1962  
Potter, William 06-Jul-1825 18-Apr-1896 PVT CO I 17 Texas INF CSA
Potter, William H.  10-Dec-1856 31-Dec-1898 Also See
Powell, Theo 06-Aug-1903 06-Nov-1911 Son of T.J. & Willie Powell
Prendergast, Andrew Thomas 03-Feb-1845 20-Feb-1925 PVT CO C 6 Texas Cav
Confederate States Army
Prendergast, Mrs. A.T. 29-Jul-1853 23-Jul-1930  
Quiroz, Mari Jo 29-Jan-1981 30-Jan-1981  


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