Fairview Cemetery

Names that start with "R"

Partial Survey

Contributed by: Michelle White


Name Date of birth Date of Death Comments
Raglin, Jamie Nicole 14-Jun-1977 26-Jun-1978  
Ramirez, Raul "Waho" 09-Aug-1944 01-Sep-2003  
Ramos, Eddie Eric 25-Oct-1992 22-Feb-1993 Our Buckaroo
Ramos, Jesus Manuel, Jr.    01-Dec-1990  
Ratliff, John C. 1905 1955  
Raughton, Twins   24-Apr-1991  
Reeves, Alexis Bella Arsiaga 05-Mar-1996 18-Mar-1996  
Reeves, Benedict Joseph   16-Oct-2007  
Reising, Joseph Martin 29-May-1874 31-Oct-1939  
Reising, Sarah Ellen 10-Nov-1877 05-Oct-1976  
Revel, Howart T. 1910 1978  
Reyes, Marie Nicole 03-Aug-1988 04-Aug-1988  
Reyes, Mark Anthony 03-Aug-1988 03-Aug-1988  
Reynolds, Randell Fred 04-Aug-1961 19-Jan-1962  
Rice, Naomi Ann   24-Jul-1986 Our Beloved Daughter
Roberts, Cecil (Flop) 23-Jan-1908 07-Dec-1981  
Roberts, Mary Melvina 23-Jan-1857 13-Feb-1956 99 Years, 20 days; Also See
Roberts, Thelma M. 21-Nov-1907 18-Apr-1996  
Roberts, Thomas Balus 22-Aug-1859 20-Sep-1908 Midland Pioneer; Also See
Robertson, J.A. J. 26-Mar-1876 14-Oct-1930 Father
Robertson, Martha D.  19-Jan-1885 21-Sep-1976 Beloved Mother
Robt. WM/ (Buck)  20-Jun-1901 15-Jun-1980  
Rodriguez, Candace Ann Marie   23-Mar-2000  
Rodriguez, Daniel Isaiah   07-Jun-1996 Son of Manuel and Eliza Rodriguez
Rodriguez, Freddie 08-Nov-1997 10-Nov-1997  
Rodriguez, Ismauel   31-Aug-1998  
Rodriguez, Julia 12-Apr-1923 04-Sep-1985  
Rodriguez, Ysidro S. 21-May-1921 08-Dec-2001  
Romero, Jenifer   18-May-1982  
Rosales, Vanessa   07-Dec-2007 Thomas Funeral Home
Rosentreter, Anges Magee 03-Oct-1919 03-Jan-1989  
Rowe, Novella W.  15-Jan-1910 07-Apr-1996 Mother


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