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Names that start with "U-Z"

Partial Survey

Contributed by: Michelle White


Name Date of birth Date of Death Comments
unknown     We will always (siempre) remember you (te recordaremos)- Your Parents (Tus padres), Sisters (hermanas) and Brother (y hermano)
Vaughan, Destinee Shenea   16-Oct-1990  
Vega, Annette Marquez 11-Feb-1993 05-Apr-1993 Our Darling Daughter
Vest, Bobby 16-Mar-1946 20-Dec-1947 Son of Mr. & Mrs. R.C. Vest, Jr.
Vest, Burlie 1891 18956 Mother
Vest, Robert C.  1890 1955 Father
Vest, Robert Compton, Jr.  18-Jan-1924 02-Sep-2007 age 83
*** no marker just funeral Home Marker
Villa, Patrick   04-Mar-2002  
Wadley, Lafe Pence 16-Apr-1894 07-Aug-1958 Texas SFC Air Service WW I & II
Wadley, Mattie Wimberly 24-Jul-1954 14-Nov-1937 Wife of Thomas B. Wadley
Wadley, Thomas B.  03-Dec-1850 29-Dec-1941  
Walker, Albert S.  14-Aug-1882 09-Aug-1979  
Walker, Eula Alta 1883 1968  
Walker, Rufus Oscar 1878 1967  
Wallis, Helen Esther 1920 1972  
Walton, Ashley Denise   19-Jun-1983  
Ward, A.G. 19-Jun-1870 25-Jun-1906 Woodman of The World
Ward, Annie 01-Aug-1881 21-Jan-1953  
Ward, Minor 30-Jun-1879 08-Mar-1962  
Warren, Cecil R.  13-Mar-1932 27-Sep-2003  
Warren, Doroth V.  20-Feb-1930 24-Dec-2004  
Waters, Taylor Nicole   30-Mar-1990  
Watkins, Lloyd Junior 15-Aug-1988 28-Aug-1988  
Watson, Frank F.  16-Jun-1905 06-Apr-1981  
Watson, Izo Lee 1902 1978  
Watson, Jim Fore 1895 1978  
Watson, Nora Henry 1915 02-Feb-1998 ** Death Date was not listed.
Weatherly, Frances I 15-Jul-1920    
Weatherly, Roy V. 09-Mar-1911 14-Aug-1985  
Weatherspoom, Rev. W.W. 20-Oct-1912 15-Dec-1984  
Weatherspoon, Mary 17-May-1921 12-Jun-2005  
Webb, Baby   28-May-1981 Son of Stephen & Sherion
Webb, Jesse Phenix 1907 1966  
Webb, Odessa Dessie 1909 1960  
Wesson, Luther Thomas 20-May-1916 09-Oct-1993 US Army World War II
West, Florey Steven 15-Jan-1898 12-Aug-1978  
White, Martha 08-Jun-1896 07-Apr-1970  
White, Will 24-Oct-1877 01-Apr-1966  
Whitmire, H.W.  22-Feb-1922 18-Mar-1971 Texas PVT 79 Fighter SQ AAF WWII
Whitmire, Rita 10-Sep-1922 24-Jan-1996  
Whitmore, Ella Louise 01-Oct-1916 31-Aug-2001  
Williams, Dante 16-Oct-1993 17-Apr-1994  
Williams, George Lee 27-Nov-1900 08-May-1974  
Williams, Gerald Wayne 1936 1937  
Williams, Jimmy 22-Jul-1957 01-Jan-1958  
Williams, Joe Edward 03-Aug-1934 27-Jul-1991  
Williams, Joe H. 1887 1961  
Williams, Pauline B. 1908 1969  
Williams, Rheba E.  17-Jul-1910 15-Apr-1994  
Willmon, Thad Kelton 1904 1945  
Wilson, Dood 28-Oct-1912 26-Dec-1981  
Wilson, Faye Pace 23-Mar-1937 01-Oct-2005  
Wilson, Frances Elkin 13-Nov-1900 03-Mar-1998  
Wilson, L.L. (Len) 1893 1956  
Wilson, Lige 13-Sep-1908 03-Sep-1968 Maryland PFC 9301 TECH SVC
Unit WW II
Wilson, Michael Steven 11-Sep-1973 14-Sep-1992 Beloved Son and Brother
Wilson, Rev. Bernice 06-Sep-1920 18-Jun-2004 Son of Gus & Alice Wilson
Death date was not listed
Wilson, Rosie Lendeall 21-May-1953 04-Apr-1989 Mother
Wilson, Taft 23-Jul-1908 18-May-1958  
Wilson, Vernon L.  18-Nov-1907 12-Aug-1983 Beloved Mother
Windham, James Robert 06-Nov-1887 05-Jan-1946 Our Father
Windham, S.A. 13-Oct-1863 15-Sep-1955 Our Mother
Windham, William M.  11-Sep-1846 07-Sep-1923 PVT CO E Ragdale BATT
Texas Cav  CSA
Woolcock, Harold Eugene (Danny) 18-Mar-1905 30-Mar-1979  
Woolcock, Wendy Ann 06-Feb-1938 19-Oct-1952  
Wolcott, Anna Merle 27-Oct-1899 13-Aug-1971 Wife of Henry Travis Wolcott
Wolcott, G.W.  1851 1921  
Wolcott, Hentry T.  05-Oct-1898 08-Nov-1963 Texas PVT STU Army TNG
Corps World War I
Wolcott, Ida 1868 1950  
Wolcott, John 15-Aug-1917 21-Nov-1917 Son of R.V. & Edith Hyatt
Wolcott, Juliette I.  1891 1985 ***Death Date not listed 14 Feb 1985
Wolcott, Mary 10-Oct-1836 25-May-1921 Wife of W.H. Wolcott
Wolcott, Ruth 1902 1909  
Wolcott, William Henry 29-Nov-1843 26-Mar-1927  
Womble, Charles Leslie, Jr. 01-May-1933 14-Jan-1990  
Wood, Arlee Billie 21-Aug-1915 02-Sep-2001  
Wood, Robert Bruce 17-Jan-1915 24-Jun-1993  
Woodard, Dee 13-Aug*1892 10-May-1974 PVT US Army
Woodard, Rosie L. 02-May-1891 04-Oct-1979  
Woodruff, L.D. 09-Feb-1908 21-Sep-1990  
Woodruff, Ollie 13-Feb-1910 02-Feb-1970  
Wreyford, James M. 17-Nov-1892 11-Feb-1955  
Wreyford, Rosie Metha 24-Mar-1897 31-Dec-1988  
Wright, Alexander 1901 1938 ***Death Date not listed 17 Nov 1938
Wright, Alice L.  04-Apr-1892 13-Feb-1989  
Wright, James Henry 22-Jan-1931 02-Jun-1937  
Wright, Kortnie De Nae 29-Apr-1991 24-Dec-1991  
Wright, Lester T.  1882 1957  
Wyatt, Douglas Eugene 02-May-1956 23-Dec-1963  
Yarbrough, Bobby Alexander 20-Oct-1990 18-Jan-1993  
Yarbrough, Prince Albert 26-Nov-1900 16-Oct-1980  
Yarbrough, Roy Dwayne 26-Sep-1989 18-Jan-1993  
Young, Rudolph 21-Sep-1926 19-Jan-1980 RCT US Army World War II
Zant, Annie Lee Brunson 06-Mar-1906 13-Jun-1976  
Zant, John Bradford 19-May-1895 29-Dec-1965  
Zecharias, Thomas 1857 1916  


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