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Mitchell County, Texas

Zion Rest Cemetery

[Seven miles north of Colorado City, to the Buford Gin, then turn right 4.5 miles. It will be on the south side of the road.]

Name Birth date Death Date Comments
Bassinger, Gus 1895 1975  
Bassinger, Mary L. 1901    
Beeman, D.S.  Aug.30, 1948 May 8, 1922  
Beeman, Josie Mar.8,1870 May 25, 1933 Wife of David S. Beeman
Beights, David Lee July 27, 1917-Aug. 1, 1917   Son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Beights
Britton-Emanuel O. and Lizzie     (Double Marker)
Britton, O.C.  1914- 1915  
Caswell, Mary A. Mar.4, 1874 Jan. 24, 1915 wife of R.L. Caswell
Daniel, R.G. Nov.1874 April 18, 1915 Woodman of the World
Fowler, Lydia A. Mar.19, 1871 Mar.1, 1916  
Franklin, Alice May 30, 1900 Feb.16, 1910 Daughter of O.C. and D.B. Harraman
Franklin, Curtis Feb.28, 1911 Nov.14, 1914 Son of O.C. and D.B. Harraman
Hall, Mattie S. 1867 1936  
Hall, John H.  1861 1927  
Hilderbrand     Twin son and daughter of Thurber and Sallie (Britton) Hildebrand
Hilderbrand, Jewel Obera Hamilton    

wife of Ernest Elder Smith annd

daughter of J. Will and Tecie Cornelia Hamilton

Holley, John T.   1855 1909  
Holley, Martha A.  1857 1946  
Holley, Maud  1857 1923  
Hudgins, Estella Aug.25,1892 Feb.20, 1910 wife of M.J. Hudgins, Daughter of L.T. & L.B. Britton
Jacks, Mary 1853 1913  
Jacks, Robert N.    1846 1917  
Jacks, Thomas L. 1883 1937  
Lagow, Elder W.  Aug.28, 1835 Aug.3, 1910  
Lagow, Lucinda J.  Oct.28, 1840 Jan.3, 1924  
Kennedy, Robert D.  May 26, 1894 Feb.12,1922  
McCarley, A.J. Aug.16, 1844 Oct. 17, 1912  
McCarley, Emma Lexia Dec.19, 1911 June 2, 1919  
McCarley, James Gaston  Dec. 18, 1880 Dec. 30, 1918  
McCarley, Jesse H. Mar.7, 1884 Feb.2, 1917  
McCarley, Little George L. June 30, 1916 Dec. 28, 1918  
McCarley, Mrs. N.V. Dec.1, 1850 Oct.3, 1918  
Moore, Cornelia E. 1875 1938  
Moore, James R. 1866 1950  
Moore, James R.   1899 1973  
Moore, John W.  Aug.11, 1900 Mar.16, 1972  
Smith, Jewel Obera Sept.22,1899 Jan.17, 1918

Wife of E.E. Smith

Dtr. of Will and Tecie Cornelia Hamilton

Stanley, Bonnie A. Oct. 3, 1894 Mar.31, 1921 Dtr. of John and Mattie Hall
Tillison, J.W.  1860 1915  
Turnbow, James A. Dec. 10, 1854 Feb. 16, 1923  
Williams, Sam C.  July 30, 1890 July 10, 1922  
1 unmarked grave      
At least 6 graves without markers.      


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