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Churches of Mitchell County


All Saints Episcopal Church - Colorado City

Canaan Baptist Church - Loraine

Calvary Baptist Church - Colorado City

Central Baptist Church - Colorado City

Christian Temple Church - Colorado City

Church of Christ - Colorado City

Church of Christ - Valley View

Church of Christ Duane Johnsen - Spade

Community Mission - Colorado City

Cornerstone Baptist Church - Valley View

Covenant Church - Valley View

Cross Timbers Church - Valley View

Crockett & Smiley St. Church of Christ - Loraine, TX.

Dorn Chapel United Methodist Church - Colorado City

Fairview Church - Colorado City

Faith Chapel - Colorado City

First Baptist Church - Colorado City

First Baptist Church - Loraine

First Baptist Church - Valley View

First Christian Church - Colorado City

First Presbyterian Church - Colorado City

First United Methodist Church - Colorado City

First United Methodist Church - Loraine

Mount Pleasant Baptist Church - Valley View 

Mount Zion Baptist Church - Colorado City

Northside Church - Colorado City

Payne Church - Colorado City

Pioneer Baptist Church - Valley View 

Plainview Church  Colorado City

Prairie Grove Baptist Church - Valley View 

Saint Ann's Catholic Church  - Colrado City

Saint James Baptist Church - Colorado City

Saint John's Catholic Church - Valley View

Saint Joseph Catholic Church - Loraine

Saint Luke United Methodist Church - Colorado City

United Methodist Church (Dorn Chapel) - Colorado City, Texas

Valley View United Methodist Church - Valley View


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