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Marriages of Mitchell County

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Marriages Book One (1881 - 1890)

Groom Bride Marriage Date Submitted by:
Adams, James William Agnes Fay Robertson 6 Sept 1936 Glyndell Adams
Allbright, Jack G. Walker, Mary Love   Christina Palmer
Bethell, William Harold Long, Euna Lee March 19, 1942 Richard Bethell
Creamer, Tommy Carl Ruby C. Golden 1 Aug 1962 Glenda Golden Weatherly
Creamer, Tommy Carl Ruby C. Creamer 26 Sept 1964 Glenda Golden Weatherly
Dossey, Billy Joe Tommie Jean Golden 6 Jun 1960 Glenda Golden Weatherly
Fowler, James Andrew Evans, Mary Elizabeth 01 Sep 1915 Christina Palmer
Golden, Robert Euna Mae Ayers 26 Aug 1932 Glenda Golden Weatherly
Golden, Carl Ruby Treva Ayers 18 Dec 1934 Glenda Golden Weatherly
Golden, Howard Doris Andrews 3 Jul 1948 Glenda Golden Weatherly
Golden, Robert B. June Russell 14 Jun 1952 Glenda Golden Weatherly
Golden, Paul Vickie Aline 21 Jun 1967 Glenda Golden Weatherly
Goldne, George Connie Hubbard 1 Jul 1972 Glenda Golden Weatherly
Golden, Kenneth Linda Ranne 29 Sep 1974 Glenda Golden Weatherly
Golden, George Rhonda Kay Henderson 29 Sep 1975 Glenda Golden Weatherly
Kegans, Troy Gerald Walker, Jean 21 Aug 1948 Christina Palmer
Kingston, Ector Sayvonis (Savanos) Evans, Bonnie Ellefair 17 Jun 1928 Christina Palmer
Land, Thomas J. Imon Lane 22 Apr 1917 Linda Land Whorton
Miller, Fred Nettie Moore 16 Feb 1895 Mary Hatton
Miller, Lee Roy Mary Ella Golden 21 Apr 1950 Glenda Golden Weatherly
Moore, Gay Leonard Naoma Laverne Golden 1 Jul 1940 Glenda Golden Weatherly
Prescott, Herbertt L. Mary Frances Golden 23 Mar 1944 Glenda Golden Weatherly

Snider, T. D.

Ethel Mae Crawford

Aug 30, 1912

Kathryn Snider Finley

They were married by J. R. Bullard, Gospel Minister.

Taylor, Jim Ed Mary E. Golden 1 Aug 1953 Glenda Golden Weatherly
Weatherly, Roy Glen Glenda Nell Golden 4 Oct 1964 Glenda Golden Weatherly
Wyatt, Clarence Selvage Dixie Golden 6 Oct 1929 Glenda Golden Weatherly
VanZandt, Walter Bell Fowler, Liddie Jane 31 Jan 1915 Christina Palmer



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