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Marriages Book One
(1881 - 1890)

(Transcribed by D. Hildebrand)

Groom /  Bride /  Date / Marriage Performed by


B.J. Jones and Miss Larela Lee -  Mar.14, 1881 /O.F. Rogers, Minister

W.E. Kendall and Mrs.Mary Mathis-June 6, 1881 /

C.W. Stacy and E.M. Richardson-June 24, 1881 /O.F. Rogers, Minister

C.C. Johnston and Nannie Anderson-July 4, 1881 /O.F. Rogers, Minister

W.N. Waddell and Ella Byler-Oct.4, 1881/O.F. Rogers, Minister

W.A. Hunt and Eliza Guest-Nov. 16, 1881/ O.F. Rogers, Minister

E.D.White and Emily Robinson-Nov.21, 1881/ R.H. Looney, County Judge

Tim O'Brien and Nora Lane-Dec.6, 1881/ Rev.Father Loughrery

W.F. Fish and Julia L. Jones-Dec.25, 1881/ Peter Turner, Minister    


H.F. Turner and J.K. McEvers-Jan.31, 1882/ H.H. Tolar (or Jolar?)

A.J. Adair and Annie Good-Feb.2, 1882/R.L.Bates, Elder

Robert H..Smith and M.E. Harrell-Feb.11, 1882/

P.A.Swink and Texanna Simmons-May 29, 1882/ R.H.Looney, County Judge

J.H. Morrison and Rosa Watson-May 30, 1882/H.H. Tolar (or Jolar?)

W.J.Peck and Stacy E.Byler-June 2, 1882/

C.W. Forbes and Mary J. McGinnis-June 25, 1882/Peter Turner, Elder

Daniel Privet and Susie Neatherlin-July 3, 1882/ O.F. Rogers, Minister

Thomas Marshall and Mrs.Nanie Connor-July 8, 1882/ Geo.Wilson, J.P.

W.H. Wiley and Nancy Ellen Curry-July 13, 1882/Geo.Wilson, J.P.

C.H. McGinnis and Fannie E.Fuston-July 16, 1882/Geo.Wilson, J.P.

Charley Jones and Mrs.Annie Rawlins-Aug.11,1882/Geo.Wilson, J.P.

James A. Clubb and Lucy Fryer-Aug.21, 1882/R.H. Looney,County Judge

J.W. Smith and Clara Rogers-Aug.28, 1882/ O.F. Rogers, Minister

P.G. Avery and Sarah M. Cooksey-Sept.3, 1882/O.F. Rogers, Minister

John Siddall and Annie Mosley-Sept.4, 1882/O.F. Rogers, Minister

A.G. Mills and Mrs.S.E.Havins-Sept.16, 1882/Geo.Wilson,J.P.

Dr. A.R. Smith and Natalie Ruset-Sept.21, 1882/O.F. Rogers, Minister

Geo.H. Buckey and Nellie R.Brown-Sept.30, 1882/ E.Bartelle, Minister

Wade Hudson and Lizzie Williams-Oct.9, 1882/R.H.Looney, County Judge

John W. Coleman and Fannie Lipscomb-Oct.12, 1882/Geo.Wilson, J.P.

John M. Butler and Ellan Crow-Oct.12, 1882/O.F. Rogers, Minister

J.W. Bentley and Mary C.Williamson-Oct.26, 1882/Peter Turner, Minister

W.L.Pendleton and Mrs. Alice Turner-Oct.22, 1882/Peter Turner, Minister

G.G. Williamson and Mami Henry-Nov.5, 1882/Peter Turner, Minister

E.Chiflett and Mrs. L.E. Manly-Nov.8, 1882/R.H.Looney, County Judge

George W. Major and A.F. Hooper-Nov.8, 1882/Peter Turner, Minister

Tom McDevitt and Delia B.Payne-Nov.22, 1882/O.F. Rogers, Minister

Charles A. Taylor and Irene Wood-Nov.23, 1882/Peter Turner, Minister

J.M. Miller and M.C.Wilder-Dec.14, 1882/

J.D. Stone and S.F.Shields-Dec.12, 1882/Geo.Wilson, J.P.

E.H. Boggus and L.J. Gibson-Dec.13, 1882/Geo.Wilson, J.P.

T.F.Hopkins and Delia A. Downing-Dec.18, 1882/

R.P.Clayton and Jennie Holloway-Dec.21, 1882/John Bartlett, Minister

Levi Smart and Littie Jackson-Dec.26, 1882/Geo.Wilson, J.P.

Hamilton Hardcastle and Mary M. Selman-Dec.30, 1882/Peter Turner, Minister 


E.M Hart and L.Z.Peacock-Jan.2, 1883/O.F.Rogers,Minister

E.G. Godwin Austin and Olive Constance Buckley-Jan.2, 1883/O.F.Rogers, Minister

George J. Reiger and Laura Lee Dunn-Jan.10, 1883/P.Turner, Minister

R.H.Griffin Jr. and E.B. Bender-Jan.22, 1883/B.J. Thomas, Minister

W.H. Snyder and Nellie Lewis-Feb.7, 1883/O.F.Rogers, Minister

H.C. Miller and Mrs.C.S. Hargroves-Feb.10, 1883/O.F. Rogers, Minister

B.C. Simpson and Mary Yates-Feb.11, 1883/Horatio Graves, Minister

George Wilson and Sallie Griffin-Feb.14, 1883/B.J.H. Thomas, Minister

J.L. Christie and Mrs.Nell V. Wheeler-Mar.17, 1883/P. Turner, Minister

Lee Parker and Maggie Royal-Mar.20, 1883/J.W. Pearson, County Judge

John Moore and Rebecca Marsh-Apr.4, 1883/J.W.Pearson, County Judge

R.L.Crowdus and Etta Townsend-Apr.22, 1883/

James B. Annesley and Sarah A. Small-May 1, 1883/J.W.Pearson, County Judge

T.W. Dickson and Mrs.Vess Harrell-May 3, 1883/R.L.Baker, Minister

R.G. Bartell and Mattie Davis-May 6, 1883/

George DeFountaine and Millie Fowler-May 8, 1883/P.Turner, Minister

Wm Hyde and Mrs. Susanah Caughey-May 20, 1883/J.W.Pearson,County Judge

S.B. Curry and Mrs. Chainie Leonard-May 21, 1883/J.J.Turner, Minister

Eligah Dunn and Flora Keen-May 27, 1883/O.F.Rogers,Minister

W.J.Moss and Mary Bartell-June 11, 1883/Geo.Wilson,J.P.

Frank E.Manley and Jane Clayton-June 12, 1883/Geo.Wilson,J.P.

W.A.Reagan and Mrs.E.E. Talbot-June 20, 1883/Geo.Wilson,J.P.

B.F. Underwood and M.E. Wilson-June 22, 1883/Geo.Wilson,J.P.

J.D. Earnest and F.I.Chalk-July 26, 1883/O.F.Rogers, Minister

Charlie Ward and Maud Locket-Aug.5, 1883/J.W. Pearson,County Judge

John T.Willis and Ellen Canada-Aug.6, 1883/

William H.Johnson and Mollie Moore-Aug.11, 1883/

John Alford Hill and Retta M. Hillmon-Aug.18,1883/O.F.Rogers, Minister

Wm Smith and Hettie Robinson-Aug.18, 1883/J.W.Wilbourn,Minister

T.J.Adcock and Susan Davis-Aug.19, 1883/Geo.W.Baines, Minister

John Cooley and Theodora Burford-Sept.4, 1883/W.J.Browning,Minister

Albert Killgore and Margaret Cummins-Sept.25, 1883/B.J.H. Thomas, Minister

Prince A.Hazzard and Emma Lillie Field-Sept.27, 1883/B.J.H.Thomas, Minister

H.A. White and Sarah L. Nuttie-Oct.9, 1883/B.J.H.Thomas, Minister

W.J. Niemeyer and Agnes McKnight-Oct.10, 1883/J.W.Pearson,County Judge

Lon Waldon and Becky Borsco-Oct.13, 1883/J.W.Pearson, County Judge

Henry Robinson and Anna Richert-Oct.17, 1883/

Cabe Brown and M.C. Lee-Oct.18, 1883/O.F.Rogers, Minister

C.B. McHenry and Mrs. Melvinia Wiley-Oct.19, 1883/J.W.Pearson, County Judge

Carroll L. Swarts and Susie L. Hunt-Oct.22,1883/

R.M. Crutchfield and Fannie Earp-Nov.1, 1883/J.W.Pearson, County Judge

John L. Doss and Amanda F. Krick-Nov.7, 1883/J.A.Vann, Minister

Samuel D. Williams and Clara E. Killaugh-Nov.11, 1883/J.A.Vann, Minister

J.W. Waddington and L.E. Brewer-Nov.11, 1883/W.McCallum, J.P..

Green Jefferson and Mary Williams-Nov.28, 1883/W.McCallum,J.P.

Bob Fraley and Hannah Curry-Nov.28, 1883/W.McCallum,J.P.

Mack Lee and Estella Thomas-Dec.12, 1883/J.W. Pearson,County Judge

G.M. Dennis and Josie Reaves-Dec.14, 1883/W.McCallum,J.P.

W.J.Wicks and Mrs. Sarah Green-Dec.21, 1883/O.F.Rogers, Minister

James Mount and Willie Ella Bellah-Dec.23, 1883/J.W.Pearson,County Judge

T.M..Snyder and Dorothea Campbell-Dec.23, 1883/J.W.Pearson,County Judge

W.M.Eadens and F.M.Kay-Dec.25, 1883/B.H.Beal,Minister

G.J. Webb and Bettie Patterson-Dec.25, 1883/B.H.Beal,Minister

Harrie C. Townsend and Lydia A. Lester-Dec.28, 1883/B.J.H.Thomas,Minister

E.W. Thomas and Julia Corn-Dec.28, 1883/W.J. Browning, Minister 


L.J.Hickerson and Mrs. A. Sherman-Jan.2, 1884/B.J.H. Thomas, Minister

B.T. Mullin and Mary Ella Scarbrough-Jan.3,1884/B.H.Beal, Minister

G.W. Underwood and Eliza Rodgers-Jan.18, 1884/B.H. Beal,Minister

B.Clayton and Nannie McGuyre-Jan.26, 1884/B.H.Beal,Minister

Geo.F.Pover and Nellie Rock-Feb.5, 1884/W.C.McCallum,J.P.

Joe S. Bond and Julia Mitchell-Feb.16, 1884/W.C.McCallum,J.P.

N.H. Boydston and Laura Stone-Feb.26, 1884/B.J.H.Thomas,Minister

T.J. Tucker and Mrs. Lenora Stork-Mar.26, 1884/W.C.McCallum,J.P.

E.A. Collins and E.A. Hickerson-Apr.3, 1884/O.F.Rogers, Minister

M.W.Easum and Georgia Davis-Apr.8, 1884/B.J.H.Thomas, Minister 

H.D.Straight and Mattie Grisham-Apr.11, 1884/O.F.Rogers, Minister

William W. Wilson and Mary Annie Goodey-Apr.13,1884/W.C.Rushing,Minister

W.E. Ellis and M.B.McKenzie-Apr.21, 1884/Walter Tynes, Minister

G.W Mallow and E.O. Moody-Apr.27,1884/W.C. Rushing, Minister

D.T. Hughes and Margret E.Ward-Apr.30, 1884/L.S.Knight,Minister

H.Callis and Mary J.Miles-May 5, 1884/B.H.Beal, Minister

J.R.Chandler and Charlotta Holloway-May14,1884/W.C. McCallum, Minister

Mills B.Foreman and Mrs.M.T.Kelley-June 9, 1884/Walter Tynes, Minister

J.B. Legett and M.E.Black-June 10, 1884/O.F.Rogers,Minister

J.W.Anderson and Ida Fletcher-June 15, 1884/J.W.Pearson,County Judge

Thomas A. Deats and Annie J. Elkins-June 16, 1884/W.C.Rushing, Minister

Wm.Sparks and N.C. Hursey-June 16, 1884/W.C.McCallum, Minister

C.C.Simmins and Polly R.Minda Patten-June 19, 1884/B.J.H.Thomas, Minister

John Gardner and M.D.Green-July 15, 1884/W.C. Rushing,Minister

William Dean and Mary L. Gholson-Aug.18, 1884/Anson Cox, Minister

John W.McCord and Josephine Keo-Aug.18, 1884/J.W.Pearson, County Judge

W.E. Miles and R.R.Cook-Aug.18, 1884/J.W.Pearson, County Judge

Harley Turner and Beatrice Hawlyn-Aug.18,1884/J.W.Pearson, County Judge

T.R.McCollough and Ellan Terrell-Sept.1, 1884/B.J.H. Thomas, Minister

Henry Miller and Mollie Jones-Sept.15, 1884/J.W.Pearson, County Judge

W.F. Hughes and Alice O'Hara-Oct.2, 1884/O.F.Rogers, Minister

J.W.Nunn and Sudie Wilks-Oct.16, 1884/B.J.H. Thomas, Minister

J.T. Barrett and C.E.Fox-Nov.10, 1884/J.W.Pearson,County Judge

L.G. Coffman and E.A. Howard-Nov.24, 1884/J.H.Stegall,M.G.

W.H. Cushing and Mrs.A.A.Wheaton-Nov.27, 1884/J.W.Pearson, County Judge

W.C.Capps and Clem Cooksey-Dec.2, 1884/W.C.McCallum,J.P.

Fred Stultz and Mamie Conway-Dec.23, 1884/Wm.Kennedy,Minister

Thomas Hedrick and Sarah Hall-Dec.24, 1884/Rev.Wm George

E.M. Kidwell and Louisa Hall-Dec.24, 1884/

E.M. Kidwell and Louisa Hall-Dec.26, 1884/Jnos. Hall, Pastor 


Dan S. Park and Minnie E. Wessels-Jan.6, 1885

J.S. Vaughn and Myrtle Bryan-Jan.21, 1885

Jackson H. Merritt and Susan H. Lee-Feb.9, 1885

Edward J. Burke and Laura J. Barnard-Feb.20, 1885

Joe D. Royall and Ema A. Simms-Feb.23, 1885

G.W. Smith and B.S. Brown-Feb.24, 1885

John D. Watson and Lizzie Wesh-Mar.3, 1885

A.C. Buttick and Lou Mosley-Feb.28, 1885

J.M. Askins and Willie Harwick-Apr,4, 1885

Geo. Fred Zellman and Ida Ebneter-Apr.9, 1885

S.M. Karr and Mrs. S.W. Moyer-Apr.28, 1885

Henry Robertson and Annie Richard-Apr.29, 1885

J.D. Sikes and Lizzie Puckett-May 19, 1885

O. Collins and Jossie Persy-May 28, 1885

W.A. Wood and Sallie Poole-June 1, 1885

Luther Dawson and Ella Knight-June 14, 1885

J.M. Clementson and Alice Jones-July,23, 1885

Jasper A. Everett and Eliza Eidson-Aug.11, 1885

Jeff Finley and May J.Ayers-Aug.19, 1885

B.Hirsch and Rosa Fechheimer-Aug.31, 1885

W.F. Robinson and Mary Harrison-Sept.3, 1885

A.P. Smith and Laura Powell-Sept.16, 1885

Wm Light and Lucy Conly-Sept.30, 1885

M.B. Johnson and Lucy Neal-Oct.7, 1885

Wm J. Walker and Isabela Forbes-Nov.17, 1885

John J. Hogan and Maria Fisher-Nov.26, 1885

William E. Hart and Maggie Windson-Nov.27, 1885

Ben Wilkerson and Charity Cother-Dec.30, 1885 


J.A. Walker and M.E. Peacock-Jan.13, 1886

Chas Clarke and Mamie Byrne-Jan.14, 1886

Frank Varansa and Katie Harlin-Jan.25, 1886

E.W. Ester and Jannie E. Robinson-Jan.26, 1886

M.R. Sanguinet and Edna Robinson-Feb.4, 1886

Link Walden/Walton and Alice Cockrell-Feb.6, 1886

P. Kelly and Annie M. Mitchell-Feb.22, 1886

Wm Price and H.E.Garrett-Mar.5, 1886

E.G.Lee and Alice Gholson-Mar.6, 1886

J.A. Clemons and Bell Barber-Mar.8, 1886

F.W. Beckin/Beckir and Florence Gill-Apr.8, 1886

Charles H. Earnest and Fannie E. Craig-Apr.28, 1886

Bob Addington and Fannie Steck-May 5, 1886

Lawrence Jewell and Julia Kreb-June 9, 1886

J.L. Moore and Octa Roberts-June 15, 1886

John Harby and Ella Breuton-June 21, 1886

Peter McCabe and Jennie Flinn-June 21, 1886

J.R.L. Williams and Mrs.Belle Shannon-June 23, 1886

O.J. Kingsberry and Emma Ayers-June 28, 1886

C.A. Tooley/Fooley and Cora Sellars-July 8, 1886

Victor Diedziock and Mary Pinder-July 18, 1886

A.M.K. Sowell and Mrs.Sarah Beeman-July 21, 1886

J. Blauchette and S.A. French-July 26, 1886

R.B. Hickman and Mattie Duhig-Aug.21, 1886

W.L. Vaughn and Carrie M. Owens-Sept.15, 1886

Alf Martin and Josie Ellis-Sept.16, 1886

B.F. Mills and Mrs.N.J. Barron-Sept.18, 1886

C.F.F. Ploeger and L.E. Harwick-Oct.2, 1886

D.L. Williams and Anna Griffin-Oct.16, 1886

Geo.E.Farbox and Mrs.E.H. Russell Oct.18, 1886

George Brooks and Emma Glover-Oct.23, 1886

C.H. Laskey and Alice Weury-Oct.23, 1886

John Silmon and Olive White-Nov.6, 1886

H.Hawkins and Amanda Blair-Nov.6, 1886

Shelby Lile and Ruby Laugdon-Nov.13, 1886

Charles Holmes and Annie A. Tighe-Nov.24, 1886

P.M. Payton and Mollie Jackson-Dec. 30, 1886


Robert McBean and Lizzie Willis-Jan.4, 1887

George Colvin and Belle Pearson-Feb.19, 1887

J.L.McCaul and Mattie Huery-Feb.24, 1887

Charles Falconer and Susan Clayton-Mar.1, 1887

J.H. Neil and Mrs.M.E. Sherod-Mar.20, 1887

Jno.T. Pepping and Eva Lee Collins-Mar.21, 1887

William Staly and Alverena Harrison-Mar.21, 1887

F.L. Dearborn and Adda M. Chase-Mar.22, 1887

Charles M. Adams and Fannie M. Rix-Apr.13, 1887

Anderson Barns and Rosa Rhodes-Apr.20, 1887

Harvey Stewart/k and Jissie Simmons-May 2, 1887

John Adams and Mrs. Fannie Mobley-July 7, 1887

Boyd Porter and Lillian Bard-July 11, 1887

James Burk and Ada Jones-July 23, 1887

F.H. Lancaster and E.A. Burrow-July 29, 1887

Charles Moore and Flatina Flowers-Oct.1, 1887

Simon Sanders and Amanda Sacheebire-Oct.6, 1887

John Faina and Annie Milton-Oct.16, 1887

R.L. Boren and Clara Johnson-Oct.20, 1887

Judd Robertson and Jennie Brennaud-Oct.22, 1887

W.H. Simpson and Emma C. Ward-Oct.31, 1887

Mauce Pink and Nellie Arnold-Nov.11, 1887

John Burton and Maggie Wills-Dec.11, 1887

Victor Dzeidziock and Mrs. Sallie Weatherford-Dec. 28, 1887

Vitoriana Servantos and Maria Lopez-Dec.30, 1887 


Andy Jackson and Ada Nolan-Feb.7, 1888

W.F. Shroder and Nellie Wilson-Feb.18, 1888

Tom White and Lillie Morrell-Mar.15, 1888

Charlie Barnes and Belle Allison-Mar.24, 1888

Alexander Ross and Carrie E. Billah-Mar.30, 1888

H.F. Summers and Mrs. Willie E. Mounts-Mar.31, 1888

Sherman Waller and Drew Cilla Dunn-Apr.2, 1888

Henry Hull and Ella Robb-Apr.21, 1888

Thomas Scown and Hattie Childress-May 10, 1888

J.W. Dunn and Lola Ferry-May 21, 1888

Robert Neely and Jane Carter-May 30, 1888

R.J. Minton and Ida Owens-June 21, 1888

F.R. Robinson and Lizzie Hudson-Sept.6, 1888

Jas. W. Hill and Jennie L. Harness-Sept.12, 1888

F.McGlasson and V.M. Brown-Sept.27, 1888

Jack Law and Lula Davis-Oct.4, 1888

Hudson Wesley and Rachel Anderson-Oct.16, 1888

C.D. Shaw and Agnes Bleraig-Nov.16, 1888

Ben Allen and Mrs.Sarah McCartey-Nov.18, 1888

C.J. Buckland and A.M.E. Hawks-Dec.22, 1888  


W.W. Hosea and M.Toddie Hopkins-Jan.19, 1889

George Davis and Mrs.M.E. Provience-Feb.4, 1889

Thomas Harding and Susan Manning-Feb.6, 1889

W.R. Corson and Assa Fletcher-Feb.7, 1889

T.B. Burns and Bettie Shepherd-Apr.3, 1889

J.W. Kline and Catherine Hastedt-Apr.22, 1889

Geo.J. Mauer and Georgie Talbot-May 6, 1889

Wm L. Benson and Mrs. Sarah E. Richards-May 20, 1889

John G. Rix and Mamie McGowan-May 29, 1889

F.C. Highsmith and Lillie McGowan-July 22, 1889

Fred Leix and Anna Cummings-Aug.3, 1889

Ben M. Jones and Ida M. Fletcher-Aug.5, 1889

R.J. Cross and Mollie E. Jones-Aug.10,1889

Frank Hawlin and Lula E. Cleghorn-July 29, 1889

Oliver Daniels and Sallie Wood-Aug.15, 1889

Robert Tausset and Mrs. S.E. Baker-Aug.24, 1889

T.B. Farmer and Mrs. C.A. Sevier-Aug.31, 1889

H.D. Means and Kate Alexander-Sept.14, 1889

Frank Gough and Flora Haskill-Oct.28, 1889

W.M. Pepkin and Lizzie Coker-Oct.29, 1889

Santiago H. Remoz and Elena Ruiz-Nov.5, 1889

Thomas Barrett and Dora Bell Kendell-Nov.12,1889

Sidney Lanier and Lillie Jones-Nov.23, 1889

Charles M. Hardesty and Annie E. Robbins-Nov.27, 1889

W.D. Davis and Mollie White-Dec.5, 1889

C.Fowler and Mag Rogers-Dec.9, 1889

Albert Audregg and Alice Providence-Dec.20, 1889  


Chas R. Robertson and Mrs.B. DeWitt-Jan.2, 1890

Alfred Oldfeid and Mrs. Fannie Bell-Jan.9, 1890

J.H. Nunn and Della L. Barron-Feb.1, 1890

Tim Harbin and Mrs. Margaret E. Cook-Feb.3, 1890

R.J. Bryant and Katie Pardue-Mar.24, 1890

Ponceino Siece and Amanda Ruis-Apr.7, 1890

Robb McBean and Sallie W. Mobley-Apr.24, 1890

Nathan News and Mrs.Mary Bender-May 31, 1890

Sam Cheiks and Jane Hoover-June 9, 1890

Charles Brooks and Nellie Evitts-June 18, 1890

Robert Addington and Lula Hunter-June 23, 1890

John Harvey and Nellie Hencey-July 3, 1890

Frank Latty and May Bailey-July 8, 1890

Sig Simons and Ellie Glover-July 10, 1890

Jones Bullock and Mrs.M.A. Holman-July 31, 1890

Juan Foleres and Rosa Ceren-July 31, 1890

Louis Hernandez and Concha Varaccas-Sept.2, 1890

W.T. King and Mrs. Ellen Dawson-Sept.26, 1890

Geo. W. Neatherline and Belle Smart-Sept.30, 1890

Ed Bitela and Mrs. Lidia Smart-Oct.3, 1890

A.B. Liles and Mayetta Bailey-Oct.15, 1890

Janus E. Rogers and Allie Lester-Oct.22, 1890

Allen C. Spear and Flora P. Harding-Nov.3, 1890

Moncure Carter and Della Ware-Dec.10, 1890

J.W. Sinclair and Mrs. S.L. Williams-Dec.10, 1890

T.F. Batts and Eliza C. Sloan-Dec.10, 1890

J.M. Williams and Dollie M. Byler-Dec.15, 1890

W.T. Allen and Ethel M. Yonce or Yource- Dec.25, 1890

F.E. McKenzie and F.L. Fletcher-Dec.29, 1890

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