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J. W. Shaw - December 1, 2003
Claude Neely was born October 29, 1891 and died in April 1971 in Lorraine, Mitchell County, Texas. He was the son of Samuel Neely and Cora Angela Steele Neely. Does anyone know where cemetery record index for 1971 for Mitchell County Texas could be found and whether such an index would contain the place of burial of Claude Neely? Does anyone know of the Neely family in Mitchell County? Thank you.

Suzanne C. Matson - November 11, 2003
I am searching for more information about Virgie (?) Holtzclaw and her parents. She was born about 1901 and living with her parents in Mitchell County TX according to the 1910 census. Her parents were Ervin Holtzclaw and Carrie (maiden name unknown). Her father was born in SC in 1849 and was an older brother of my great-grandfather. Did Virgie marry? What are the dates of death and burial places for Ervin and Carrie?

Patsy - October 20, 2003
I am trying to get a tombstone photo of a Flippo buried in Lorraine Cemetery in Mitchell County. If there is anyone who could do this for me, please contact me at the email address below to discuss your charges.

J. D. Tanner - September 5, 2003
On April 12, 1917, New Mexico Governor Washington Lindsey granted a pardon to William ‚€œBronco Bill‚€? Walters. The once notorious outlaw had served seventeen years and four months in prison for the killing of three deputies. As a condition of his parole, Walters was ordered to proceed at once to Colorado, Texas, and remain there at least twelve months.  It is uncertain that he complied. He later settled in southwestern New Mexico, where he died in 1921.  Can anyone provide a connection between Walters and Colorado City, Texas?

Cindy - August 29, 2003
I'm looking for ANY kind of archives or pictures of my  great great grandmother.  I don't know her first name....but the last name was FRANKLIN.  She apparantly drove from Louisana to Mitchell Country in a covered wagon with 9 children.....( of which my great grandmother Blanche Franklin (Loveless) was one of them.  She settled very much of that land there in Mitchell County.  My parents tell me that the cemetary is full of those relatives.  Some of there last names are HOWELL. (of the girls of those 9 who married)  There was an uncle ...years ago...at a family reunion who had a scrap book...but he is assumed passed away and now no one knows where that scrap book is.  My grandmother passed last year and my father just turned 70.  I would like to find out as much as possible and make a scrap book of my own.....for me and my father...  I've called museums and libraries and no one has ever called me back.  Can you please help me?

Kathleen Goetting  - August 18, 2003
My Great Grandfather was John S. Pogue who ran a blacksmith shop in this area.  We had always assumed it was in Snyder, but recently found a photo.  It has the sign out front that clearly says "Little Westbrook Blacksmith Shop."  I wonder if any one has any information on a blacksmith shop there in the early 1900's?  He died in Tulsa in 1933 and had been retired for some time before that.

Col Bob Edgar - August 14, 2003
My Great-grandfather was H. B. Wilson, who started the bank in Loraine.  If you have any photos of downtown Loraine, please send them my way.

Elaine Walton Lewis - August 3, 2003
I hope to visit Colorado City, Mitchell County, Texas within a couple of months.  I am hoping to find information on my Grandfather, Penn Smith Sr. and his family, including his father Joe Smith and stepmother Nannie (Seale) Smith.  Joe and Nannie had one son together, William Marvin Smith. On the 1930 census it shows the Penn Smith Family, Joe Smith family and Marvin's family all living in Mitchell County.William T. Seale was living with Joe and Nannie Smith.  Penn Smith Sr. had a radiator shop in Colorado City but due to the depression he lost it. Penn Smith moved to Colorado City between 1925 and 1929.  They had left Mitchell County by 1935. I would love to find a picture of this Raditor Shop.  If you have any pictures or information to share please contact me.

Janice Spencer - January 26, 2003
I am looking for my husband's uncle, Norman Stuart Spencer and his son, Norman Stuart Spencer II. The elder Norman left Morehead, Kentucky after WW1, and never returned. We think that he was an officer during the war and perhaps stayed in the service for sometime. 

When my husband's father (Norman Stuart's only sibling) died in 1949, the family attempted to contact him about the death through U.S. Army records. They found him in Aspermont, Texas. He did not attend the funeral nor did he ever contact other family members. 

I believe that he may have died in Dallas County in 1966.  He was born circa 1896. In his mother's (Catherine Stewart Spencer) obituary, it was stated that Norman Stuart, I was the Superintendent of the Dallas, Texas Schools. This was in 1936. I believe also that his son, Norman Stuart, II lived and died in Howard County in 1996. Do you know any of these people? I think that there is also a grandson (Norman Stuart Spencer, III) possibly living in a Dallas suburb. My husband has a brother named for the first Norman and the family would like so much to know about him and his life and his family. Thank you for reading this.


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