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Valley View School

History of the Valley View School

Compiled by Mrs. F. W. Beights (Jewel Hildebrand 1889-1962) 

     The best we can get, Valley View School was built in 1905, a one room building.  S. H. Hart, W. D. McCarley, J. H. T. Johnson, E. J. Seymour, Uncle Billie Seymour, A. J.Compton, J. B. Cranfill, T. J. Coffee, and Willie Seymour met under a brush arbor or a mesquite tree and decided to build a school house.   As there were no funds to build with, they went down in their pockets and donated the money to build with, some giving $25.00 and some $50.00. 

      Mr. Edmond Seymour donated the land and Mr. S. H. Hart, the name.  Mr. W. D. McCarley was the carpenter.  Later there was an addition of another room and Mr. McCarley was still the carpenter.  Sometime later these two rooms were sold to Mr. Lee Coles and Mr. Hugh Coles, and two new and larger rooms were built.  Mr. McCarley built these. A few years later the third room was built, do not remember the carpenter just now.  In 1930 the fourth room was built and the carpenters were Jim Faulkenberry and Tom Robison. 

     We are very proud of the progress that we have made in the strides of education and we owe the honor to such men as Mr. Hugh Coles, Mr. Lee Coles, Mr. S. H. Hart, Mr. A. J. Compton, Mr. Edmond Seymour, Mr. W. D. McCarley, Mr. Bob West and others we can't recall just now. 

     We have a list of the names of all the teachers that have taught here from the first to the present and the year that most of them taught. 

Miss Aury Williams 
Mr. Wadkins 
Mr. F. W. Baker 1908-09 
Miss Ollie Terry and Miss Margaret Wason 1909-10 
Mr. Huff and Miss Ida Nelson 1910-11 
Mr.Claude Elliot and John Elliot (brothers)  1911-12 
Mr. Russell McAfee and Miss Jewel Hildebrand 1912-13 
Mr. Claude Elliot and Miss Mary Wilson 1913-14 
Miss Mary Street and Miss Noma Elliot 1914-15 
Mr. W. C. Martin and Miss Edna Smith 1915-16 
Mr. Sam Smith and Mr. Ernest Smith (two terms) 1916-18 
Mr. N. T. Smith and Miss Edna Smith (daughter) 1918-19 
Mr. Perry F. Brown and Miss Nell Norman 1919-20 
Mr. Perry F. Brown and Miss Lala Farmer 1920-21 
Mr. Walker and Mrs. Walker (wife) 1921-22 
Mr. Lofty Adams, Miss Myrtle Newton and Miss Daisy Brown 1922-23 
Mr. J. A. Howerton, Miss Edna Wilson and Miss Nan Wilson 1923-24 
Mr. J. A. Howerton, Miss Edna Wilson and Miss Ona Frasier 1924-25 


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