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*** Westbrook High School Yearbook***
Westbrook, Texas

Submitted by: Lisa Thomas
September 2006

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The Cactus Yearbook
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The Cactus Staff

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Ira D. Lauderdale
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The Cactus Staff
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Westbrook High School
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Staff & Teachers
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*** SENIORS ***

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Senior Class

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Senior History

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Senior Play

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Senior Sayings
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*** JUNIORS ***
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Junior Photos
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Junior Photos
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Juniors Individually

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Junior-Senior Banquet

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Junior History
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Junior Thoughts
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Sophomores Photo Page
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Sophomore Class Record
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Freshmen Photos
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Freshmen History
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Seventh Grade Class and Teacher
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Seventh Grade History
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Fifth and Sixth Grade and Teacher
Third and Fourth Grade and Teacher
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Fifth and Sixth Grades
Names Listed in Photo
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First Grade Class and Teacher
Second and Third Grade Class and Teacher
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First, Second and Third Grade List
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*** CLUBS ***
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Senior Activities
Spade Girl Scouts
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Activities - Boys
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Troop 23
of Buffalo Trail Council
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Westbrook F. F. A. Chapter
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Officers and Members
of Westbrook P. T. A.
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Names on Photos

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Names on Photos

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Names on Photos

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Westbrook Wildcats
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Boys Basketball
Football Team
Westbrook Wildcats
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Boys Basketball
Name List & Schedule
Westbrook Wildcats
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Football Team
Names & Schedule
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Westbrook High School
Girls Basket Ball Team & Gym
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Col-Tex. Service Station
Challenge Gasoline
Challenge Motor Oil
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H. & H. Sales and Service
C. L. Root Memorial Hospital
Jno. A. Thompson
Klassy - Kleaner
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Broadway Cafe
Modern Beauty Shop
Pick and Pay Store
Magnolia Petroleum Co.
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G. D. Foster
Insurance and Loans
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Newsom Studio - Photographs
J. C. Penney Co., Inc.
Piggly Wiggly
Hague Service Station
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Tucker's Grocery and Market
Kirschbaum Department Store
Pyland Funeral Home
Margaret E. Lasseter - Drugs
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Mills Chevrolet Co.
Colorado City, Texas
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Roy Davis Coles - County Superintendent
American National Insurance Co.
Ellis and Porter Real Estate & Ins.
Magnolia Service Station
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Snyder Motor Co.
Pond & Merritt Dry Cleaners
Kiker and Son
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D. M. McElhatten?
City National Bank
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Mrs. Witt Hines - Speech Art
Ramsey's Market
Colorado Auto Supply
Colorado Mutual A? Assoc.
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Burton Lingo Co.
  *** AUTOGRAPHS ***  
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