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Here you will find birth information submitted by contributors. Please contact the contributor for further information on these individuals. If you have ancestors that were born in Parmer County, send them to me and I'll post them here. 

  • Name: Raymond Carl Oden
    Date: November 4, 1910
    Location: Farwell
    Parents: Robert Clifford & Lillian (Higgins) Oden
    Raymond C. Oden Jr

Transcribed newspaper clipping:

                   Birth Record at Bovina, Texas

                        From Aug. 24, 1906 to Dec. 15, 1907

Name of Father                     Time of Birth                          Sex

A. J. Oliver              Aug. 24, 1906,  8:00   a.m.  Girl

Thos. Hogland          Sept. 9, 1906   9:58 a.m.    Boy

J. S. Oliver               Dec 14, 1906   6:55 a.m.    Boy

J. R. Armstrong         Jan.  6, 1906    3:50 p.m.    Boy

W. S. Merrill             Jan. 25, 1907    10:45 a.m.  Girl

Chas Sodustrum        Jan. 30, 1907   6:11 p.m.    Boy

Leonard Hutchinson    Feb. 25, 1907  9:48 a.m.    Girl

Joseph Camp             Mar. 26, 1907  2:30 a.m.    Boy

Lee Hutchinson          July 12, 1907   5:35 a.m.    Girl

Elmer Wilkins              Aug. 10, 1907  7:45 p.m.    Boy

C. W. Arthur              Aug. 25, 1907  12:25 p.m.   Boy

R. C. Beavers             Sept. 30, 1907 11:27*p.m.  Boy

Frank Spring               Oct. 9, 1907    4:00  a.m.   Boy

C. E. Twining              Nov. 10, 1907  3:35  p.m.   Girl

Sam W. Wilson            Dec. 1, 1907    8:31  a.m.   Girl

Jas. Rodgers               Dec. 3,  1907   1:16**a.m.  Boy

Hans Aldridge              Dec. 15, 1907  2:00  a.m.    Boy

Fent Stallings              Dec. 15, 1907  3:45  a.m.    Girl

Rufus Phillips               Dec. 15, 1907  4:29  a.m.    Boy


Submitted by: Robert Oliver  




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