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A History of Parmer County Texas
Volume 1
Parmer County Historical Society
Parmer County Biographical and Interview Index
Copyright 1974; printed by Nortex Press, Quannah, TX
ISBN 0-89015-073-7


Husband wife (maiden name) Page Number
Alexander, J.M.W. & Irven    229
Anderson, Gabe D. (interview)   230
Affidavit of Heirship:
RE: A.W. Henschel  
Ashcraft, Clarence   231
Ayres, Frank Wesley and  Bertha 232
Benger, John and Mary    232
Black, Epinetus Bushrod   135
Boatman, A.H. Bessie (Squanders) 233
Bragg, James G. and Nelda (Goodwine) 234
Brewer, Loyde A.   234
Buchanan, M.B. (Bev) and Opal (Whitefield) 235
Butcher,  J.S.   237
Charles, Wilbur and Nettie   237
Cogdill, W.F. (Bill) & Sarah   238
Crawford, T.J. and Ella Floy (Knode) 238
Crim, J.W.   239
  Dean, Mrs. Nancy Jane 240
  Delano, Ola 242
Dixon, Clarence   247
Drake, A.O.   247
Estep, Roy   248
Evans, Harris and Myrtice (Wyly) 250
Fairchild, E.L. (Hap)   251
Fleming, O.D. and Elizabeth   252
Ford, J.W. and Mary   253
Galloway, Ben T.   253
Gischler, John and Ella (Graybill) 253
Glaze, Ross Morrison and  Ida (Hanna) 254
Goodwine, William Edward and Minnie (Goyer) 255
Green, D. Luther (Laz)   143
Griffith, Pearl B. and Ethel   263
Guinn, C.A.   264
Habbinga, Dick and Selma (Kleim) 265
Hadley, Bert and Cleo   265
  Hartwell, Mrs. Jeannette 266
Hastings, Frank and Leora (Tidenberg)   268
Hills, Fred L.   272
Hinkle, Bill
(Obituary from Amarillo Daily News)
Hopping, Richard Coke and Lelia    275
Hromas, Ernest Arnold and Sophia   284
Jennings, J.E.W.   285
Jesko, Michael and Hedwig   288
  Jesko, Susie 291
Kepley, Fred Eldon and Flora (Foote) 293
Kinsley, R.H. and Pearl (Stuckey) 295
Landrum, J.L.   295
Lange, O.F. and Rose (Conway) 298
Lillard, Lawrence   299
  Lillard, Mrs. Edith (Maurer) 301
Magness, George W.   302
Massey, Otis Edward and Beulah Elizabeth (Price) 304
Massie, William Ambrose and Mattie Bell (Browning) 311
Mayfield, Howard and Mary (Tackett) 311
McCrate, Glen E.   311
McFarland, J.B. and Sally   312
McGuire, Edward W.   312
Meade, D. H.   317
Mears, J. H. and Opal (Hand) 318
Menefee, W. S.  and Lena   319
Moseley, David and Eva   320
Nichols, Preston Robinson and Ruth   321
Nobles, B. E.   321
O'Brian, T. A. Sr.   322
Overstreet, Hamlin   322
Paul, Joe   324
Reed, W. O. and Erma   331
Reeve, Floyd W. and Ethel Inez (Hadley)  332
Renner, Rudolph J. and Clara (Baker) 337
Rushing, Eric Vance and Mattie (Carrington) 339
Sachs, George A. and Clara (Bultemeier)  339
Sanders, S. J.   340
Sisk, Robert Allen and  Katharen Elizabeth (Pillow)  341
Spohn, J. M. and Amelia   341
Schlenker, Floyd and Malinda (Reeve) 341
Schlenker, Charles and Amelia (Metz) 342
Spring, Frank  Lewis Ocie (Adams) 343
Steinbock, Alexander Peter and Lena (Mehl) 346
Steinbock, John F.   347
  Stevick, Mrs. S. C. Eva (Price) 348
Talbot, Evert Walter and Vivian Irene (Pope)  348
Talbot, Walter John and Bessie Francis (Donald) 348
Taylor, Earsel E. and Grace (Boatman) 348
Tidenberg, J. A.   349
Tiefel, Jake and Alvenia   350
Townsen, William Lyles and Miss Mitchell 351
Turner, Charlie Anderson and Annis Daphne (Elam) 351
Venable, V. C. (An interview)   352
Vestal, Cecil L. and Luch (Merrill) 354
Vinyard, W. W. and Florence (Lockney) (An interview) 356
Weir, V. C.   357
Weis, H. H. and Rebecca (Baker) 357
Wentworth, A.N. and Laura   358
West, John H. and Miss Perkins 358
Whaley, Marvin and Beulah (Watson) 359
White, John and  Florence (Sympson) 361
Whitefield, E. B. and Delia   362
Whitley, Harry B. and Mary (Harris) 367
  Winn, Estelle (Dunn Combs) (An interview) 367
Woltman, Jack (An interview)   368
Worm, Ernest Earl and Lulu Fern (Burton) 369

Friona School Teachers

1908 -1909
Roxie (Witherspoon) Fertch

Floy (Knode) Crawford
Tennie Davis

Nell Killum
Edith (Maurer) Lillard
Elsie (Goodwine) Clennin

Lynn Fertch
Elsie (Goodwine) Clennin
Oliva (Durice) Brownlee

Lynn Fertch
Lucy V. Goodwine
John Priddy
 W.H. Saffold
Glenna (Colson) Carter

W.H. Saffold
W.H. Yonger, Jr.
Glenna (Colson) Carter
Esther (Schlenker) Burns

W.H. Yonger, Jr.

Hap McFee
Ina (Jordan) Hale
Esther (Schlenker) Burns
Catherin (Stevins) Lyons
Edd Treavie

Amelia (Fickie) Warren

John Richburg
Floyd Golden
Elsie (Pool) Golden

Floyd Golden
Elsie Golden
Mac Nobel
Murrel Sanders


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