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Have you been looking for the "old Family Bible" or Photos of family members? Not sure how to go about your search? Here is a place you can post the item or items that you are looking for and maybe someone can give you a helping hand.
Below is a story from another county of someone finding an "old Bible" and returning it to a family member. You can post found items also. Just e-mail us and it will be posted free.

On a recent visit with my daughter and her family in LaGrange my husband and I paid a call on a small resale shop in LaGrange. While there my husband located a Bible that had been bought by the business out of abandoned storage units. I sat down with the Bible and noticed the family history had been filled in and there were names in the bible. Tarwarter, Coker, Robinson....well my genealogy side would not let me leave without the Bible. I bought it without hesitation. As soon as I got to my daughters home I looked in the phone book for the Tarwater name in the local area and I called the numbers listed until I finally got an answer.....Long story short...the next day I met a very nice young couple in the Wal Mart parking lot and returned the Bible to them. It had belonged to an uncle that had died. I did not ask one penny for the Bible not even the money I paid for it. They were very excited and all smiles.
It does my heart good to return something to the family that may not have even known about the Bible.
Merry Christmas is how I left the couple as they both hugged me as I headed back to my daughters. I hope they will add more family history into the Family History of the Bible and share it with their family for years to come.

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